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I Ace and collect many (but not all, as I accidentally overlooked one hidden collection of Goodies in this recording) of the currently accessible single-player Goodies in the "The Mines" level.

Believe it or not, this recording took many attempts to nail down. I thought I had a rough time with "Skulldozer", but at least I enjoyed "Skulldozer" enough to not make the process tedious and mechanical. I easily spent between one and two hours and took somewhere between fifty and one hundred attempts to get this video as a result. This level isn't that difficult, but Acing it while collecting a large number of Goodies is. The Standing Man Outline Sticker (the one where you pull the lever to dump it out of the cart) is particularly annoying to acquire as you only get one try per playthrough.

Since it is really easy to pull off, I collect one of the Cooperative Challenge area Goodies using just one player. I also show off the "proper" method for collecting that Goodie in a later video.

When you are going down the powered chain platforms with the flaming ways, you should note two things. One, you can use the jump down (Left Analog Stick down + X) ability to quickly traverse the platforms. Two, the platforms give you some downward momentum. Thus, you'll have to jump harder to clear the gaps. (You could also just walk off the edge of a platform and drop onto the next set of platforms if you don't want to bother with jumps.)

If you're wondering what single-player Goodies I accidentally missed in this recording, I missed the three hidden behind a wall that you can destroy with a Timed Explosive. If you pay close attention, you can actually see the hidden Shouting Mustache Man Sticker by looking through the Creature Brain of the Spikehammer Block just before the Start Gate in this level.

My apologies on the brief score notification interruption. I purposefully turn off system notifications when recording walkthroughs for the PS3 or Xbox 360, but I'm not aware of way to turn off the in-game notifications for LittleBIGPlanet. I do my best to keep them to a minimum (where zero is most preferable) while recording, but some may slip in my walkthrough from time to time when I make a good recording and really don't want try again just because of an annoying notification or two.

As shown in the video, I find it is strangely difficult to get the 'Saregama Sun' Audio Object if you're not in the foreground of the level.

Outrunning the flaming boulder involves consistently running at full speed and avoiding unnecessarily long jumps. Also, if you are (temporarily) farther ahead of the boulder than necessary, the camera angle will change away from the "chase cam" employed in this segment of the level.

Though I had a rougher time recording the "The Mines" level than I expected, I soon get to move on to the "Serpent Shrine" level. "Serpent Shrine" is one of my favorite levels from this game.


Revisit: After getting the Mexican Scary Mask Sticker in "Serpent Shrine".

Now that I have the Mexican Scary Mask Sticker, I quickly revisit the "The Mines" level to pick up the rewards from that Sticker Switch and to grab a few Goodies that I initially overlooked. Then, I cover the Cooperative Challenges (and their exclusive Goodies) for this level.

For the first Cooperative Challenge, I've already shown you (in the preceding video) how you can easily get it with only one player. I quickly show you the "proper" method in this video in case you are having difficulty with the "improper" method or in case you want to do it the "proper" way or what have you.

Unlike some other Cooperative Challenges, the second one for this level doesn't really require any platforming skill and is instead just a little puzzle. One of the players simply needs to remember which Three-Way Switch controls which roller and which is the correct direction to pull each Switch. Pulling in the incorrect direction will only serve to eventually get the character(s) on the respective roller fried.

Special thanks goes to the random online player featured in this video. She goes by the PSN ID of TigerLily0587.

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