Level 10: Boom Town - LittleBigPlanet

Boom Town Level Badge


I Ace and collect all of the single-player Goodies in the "Boom Town" level.

The game is starting to get more difficult now that we have reached "The Canyons". The sections involving the Jetpack and Impact Explosives as well as the section involving the Orange Bird Sticker Switches are the biggest threats to Acing the level. (Though it is not shown in this video, since it would involve dying, misplacing an Orange Bird Sticker causes a row of Impact Explosives to fall and kill anyone nearby. I completed that sequence while Acing the level to add another layer of challenge for myself, but I highly recommend that you do it on repeat playthroughs so that dying isn't such a big deal.)

A number of Goodies are hidden behind various objects in this level, so make sure to look and jump behind objects and scenery to make sure you've gotten everything that you can.

When you're passing the thrusting stalactites while carrying an Impact Explosive, I highly recommend trying to stay low. That way, you decrease your chances of accidentally swinging the carried Explosive into one of the wider portions of the stalactites.


Revisit: No revisit is mandatory, but I separated the Cooperative Challenge areas from the col