Level 07: The Wedding Reception - LittleBigPlanet

The Wedding Reception Level Badge


I Ace and collect many (but not all, as I accidentally overlooked a few hidden Goodies in this recording) of the currently accessible single-player Goodies in the "The Wedding Reception" level.

The platforms above the balloons are close enough together to make it just possible to jump from one to another. If you have difficulties performing such jumps, there are multiple balloons below that you can use to carry you to the platform you want to end up on.


Revisit: After getting the Skeleton Hat Sticker (that can be found shortly after the corresponding Sticker Switch during your first time through "The Wedding Reception").

Now that I have the Skeleton Hat Sticker, I quickly revisit the "The Wedding Reception" level to pick up the rewards from that Sticker Switch and to grab a few Goodies that I initially overlooked. Then, I cover the Cooperative Challenge (and its exclusive Goodies) for this level.

Special thanks goes to the two random online players featured in this video. The player wearing the Shark costume goes by the PSN ID of Daniel713NS. The player wearing the Old Snake costume had his named simply displayed as Luis, but I believe his actual PSN ID is Luis713NS.

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