Level 06: The Meerkat Kingdom - LittleBigPlanet

The Meerkat Kingdom Level Badge


I Ace and collect all of the currently accessible single-player Goodies in the "The Meerkat Kingdom" level.

The Carved Heads Material (hidden, during the race portion no less, behind a small portion of white material that you can grab and pull out of the way) is extremely easy to miss. It's not inconspicuous, but you're generally thinking about racing and Score Bubbles instead of explorating hidden areas when you pass through that area of this level.

The Jet Cheetah Object is also easy to miss if you just are running by those small meerkats.

By the way, was anyone else a bit disturbed by the meerkat pole-dancers? While I wouldn't necessarily call LittleBIGPlanet a "kid's game", I certainly think it's generally pretty kid-friendly. The club area is one of the few things that flies in the face of that notion, don't you think?


Revisit: If you did the Co-op area in "Swinging Safari", then no revisit is mandatory (as you could just do all the single-player goodies and the Cooperative Challenge areas in one go). Otherwise, grab the Voodoo Face Sticker from there and use it in this level and get the Co-op Prize Bubbles if necessary.

I cover the Cooperative Challenges (and their exclusive Goodies) in the "The Meerkat Kingdom" level. Also, since I now have the Voodoo Face Sticker (from the Cooperative Challenge area of the "Swinging Safari" level), I quickly revisit this level once more to pick up the last single-player Goodie within.

The Cooperative Challenges here are more difficult than earlier ones, but they are still easy to the point where you shouldn't have much trouble completing them. The exception is getting to the Blue Fish Sticker in the club area. The player being launched needs to time a strong jump just as the Big-Belly Meerkat's head thrusts up when another player jumps on the belly. If the jump is properly coordinated with the head thrust, the player should be launched higher than normal. Launching straight onto the platform with the Blue Fish Sticker can be a bit of a challenge, so it's far easier to launch up and grab the cloth with all of the spotlights. As shown in this video, you can then drop onto the platform below to pick up the Sticker.

Special thanks goes to the two random online players featured in this video. The player wearing the Shark costume goes by the PSN ID of Daniel713NS. The player wearing the Old Snake costume had his named simply displayed as Luis, but I believe his actual PSN ID is Luis713NS.

Also, I am now done with "The Savannah". It's time to move on to "The Wedding" area of the game!

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