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Burning Forest Level Badge


I Ace and collect just about all of the currently accessible single-player Goodies in the "Burning Forest" level. This level isn't that difficult, but novice-level players may face a bit of difficulty. In many of the previous levels, hazards were confined to specific sections of a level. Here, large portions of the level are deadly, and it'll take a bit of skill and dexterity if you want to Ace the level.

It IS possible to collect that Prize Bubble containing the Scary Ornament Object now. It's tricky to pull off and I generally only got it by luck when it happened in the past, but you can use the momentum the moving buffalo provide to jump just high enough to reach that Prize Bubble. (I find that your chances at getting it this way are better going from left to right than coming up from right to left.) Though that is one way to get that Prize Bubble, a much easier way will be showcased once I revisit this level.

If you want to collect the Large Red Vase Object, make sure that you specifically jump to the branch just before the branch it is on. The camera placement might briefly fool you into thinking that you can just continue walking, but the depth of the branch that can be used to get to that Goodie is different from the branch immediately preceding it.

I'm fairly proud of this recording. When I've played this game and this level in the past, I had a common tendency to make mistakes when going for the Feathery Spiky Object (obtained by getting a boost from jumping on the head of one of the enemies near the Prize Bubble), the Cardboard Support Decoration (obtained by swinging past a crocodile just below the Cooperative Challenge area) and the Croc King Object (obtained by swinging onto one of the crocodiles as you are descending towards the end of the level). I often have trouble getting even one of those Goodies per playthrough of this level, so I'm impressed that I managed to get all three in one go and that I Aced the level while doing so.


Revisit: After getting the Cat Head Sticker in "The Meerkat Kingdom".

Now that I have the Cat Head Sticker, I quickly revisit the "Burning Forest" level to pick up the last two single-player Goodies there. Then, I cover the Cooperative Challenge (and its exclusive Goodies) in this level.

As I said, there is an easier way to reach the Scary Ornament Object, and that way is accessible by activating the Cat Head Sticker Switch.

Special thanks goes to the two random online players featured in this video. The player wearing the Shark costume goes by the PSN ID of Daniel713NS. The player wearing the Old Snake costume had his named simply displayed as Luis, but I believe his actual PSN ID is Luis713NS.

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