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I Ace my initial playthrough of the "Skate to Victory" level and collect a number of Goodies. Nonetheless, I'll admit that this video contains multiple sloppy segments, the worst of which involves an anti-climax on the titular "Skate to Victory" portion of the level. My apologies, but at least the rest of this recording isn't too bad.

This level is far from "hard", but it's the first level that requires some effort to Ace it. The windmill section is not too bad (though I unfortunately missed most of the Score Bubbles during this recording), but it's easy to die to the ghosts in the castle section if you're not careful.

The Green Doodle Sticker is conspicuous, but you can end up missing it if gets buried in debris before you reach it. Fortunately, after missing many Score Bubbles and barely making it to the third platform during the windmill segment, I performed a nice jump that allowed me to acquire the Green Doodle Sticker and the three Stickers from the collapsing plateau all in one go.

The Red Lion Emblem Sticker Switch is a particularly nasty one. If you just go through all the Story Mode levels in the hopes of finding that Sticker before revisiting this level, you'll be disappointed and frustrated. That particular Sticker (as well as a number of other Goodies) can only be acquired by completing the level creation tutorials via the "My Moon" portion of the game. Since they are tutorials, you generally shouldn't need my help with them, but I will include all of the Create Mode tutorials in this walkthrough because they contribute to completion and because I relish the opportunity to hear more of Stephen Fry's narration.

This level also serves as an introduction to Cooperative Challenge areas. In almost all circumstances, it is either impossible or at least quite difficult to acquire some Prize Bubbles without the assistance of other players. You can Complete and Ace levels on your own, but there will be times where you'll need others to lend a hand if you want to acquire all of the Goodies in the game. (One annoying implication of Cooperative Challenge areas is that you also miss out on the Collected All Medal and Gifts for that level if you don't collect the Goodies only accessible during Cooperative play.) Since I'm going at it solo for right now, I am unable to collect the three Goodies in this (very easy) Cooperative Challenge area. Later on in my walkthrough, I cover Cooperative Challenges and their exclusive Goodies since they contribute to completion and unique content in this game and since I managed to pull them off without too much hassle.

Right before the end of this level, the Yellow Star Sticker is acquired. By revisiting "Skate to Victory" as well as "Get a Grip", you can acquire many new Goodies by using this Sticker on the appropriate Sticker Switches.


Revisit: After getting the Yellow Star and Red Lion Emblem Stickers. (The Yellow Star Sticker can be found towards the end of your first time through "Skate to Victory", and you have to complete a few Create Mode tutorials to get the Red Lion Emblem Sticker.)

Now that I have the Yellow Star Sticker and the Red Lion Emblem Sticker, I revisit the "Skate to Victory" level to collect the remaining single-player Goodies there. This leaves only the three Goodies in the Cooperative Challenge area (plus the Collected All Gifts) for this level, but I quickly cover both in the next video.

Also, this time I succeed in riding the skateboard down the ramp (I failed in my recording of my initial playthrough of this level), though starting it up was a bit sloppy. I later found out a much easier way to roll the skateboard: Simply stand under it, grab the underside and move forward into the front wheel before jumping on. This method is much easier and I highly recommend it for this level and "Skateboard Freefall".


Revisit: No revisit is mandatory, but I separated the Cooperative Challenge area from the collection of single-player Prize Bubbles to make it easier on myself.

This short video covers the Cooperative Challenge (and its exclusive Goodies) in the "Skate to Victory" level. It's the first challenge of its kind in the game, and it is very easy.

Special thanks goes to the random online player featured in this video. The player goes by the PSN ID of MyDogPwnedU and seems to be wearing a makeshift Sly Cooper costume. A pretty nifty find, particularly so since I enjoy the Sly Cooper game series and plan to do walkthroughs for at least some of the games in the series.


I (RJ_815) am sporting a different (and perhaps unanticipated) outfit in this video, but that's simply because of the asynchronous way that the uploads will work at times. In truth, this part (as well as the video covering the Floaty Material tutorial, in which I wore the same tuxedo-based outfit featured here) was recorded quite some time after Part 21. I finished all of the co-op stuff for the entirety of "The Savannah" area and the first level of "The Wedding" area before I actually recorded this part (mostly because I had difficulty finding another player for this level at the times when I wanted to record an online session). So, this is really closer to some Part in the 30s range, but I'm putting this as Part 22 due to its association with "The Gardens" area.

Speaking of "The Gardens", I've now covered everything there is to cover in it, so it's time to move on to "The Savannah" area.

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