Level 02: Get a Grip - LittleBigPlanet

Get a Grip Level Badge


I Ace and collect many of the Goodies in the "Get a Grip" level. (This level, like the previous one, is very easy to Ace. If things seem easy now, it's just because these are the early stages of the game. A number of more formidable challenges lie ahead.)


You should notice the multiple Yellow Star Sticker Switches found in this level. If you want to get all of the Goodies/Prize Bubbles for this level, you will have to revisit the level after you acquire the requisite Sticker in the next and final level of "The Gardens".)

The most difficult part of this level is jumping from the first so-called wooden steed and landing on the tree above. If you miss the jump and are unable to pull the steed back up the hill, you can restart the level to appear only a short distance away for another try. Later levels tend to be far less forgiving on once-per-playthrough Prize Bubbles as you'll usually have to travel a longer distance to end up in the place you want to be.

Although it is not that hidden, you can miss the Wooden Steed Sticker if you're not paying attention while playing. On the other hand, the Sun Doodle Sticker is easily missed unless you specifically explore to find hidden collectibles.

The three Stickers next to the snail shell are highly visible but can be overlooked if you don't backtrack after riding the steed at the top of the wooden platform.

The Black Crown Outline Sticker hidden behind The Queen near the Decorations tutorial video is also easy to miss. If you are missing Goodies and know that they aren't in a Cooperative Challenge area, then make sure to thoroughly explore and check behind objects if it looks like you can.


Revisit: After getting the Yellow Star Sticker in "Skate to Victory".

Now that I have the Yellow Star Sticker, I revisit the "Get a Grip" level to activate the multiple Sticker Switches and collect the remaining Goodies.

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