Level 01: First Steps - LittleBigPlanet

First Steps Level Badge


There is more narration by Mr. Fry and I complete most of my initial run through the "First Steps" level of "The Gardens". During that initial run, I collect all of the Prize Bubbles (henceforth referred to as Goodies) in this level.


From the looks of things, it seems impossible to Ace this level the first time through. It seems you must perform one Retry before you are given access to something that lets you avoid falling due to the collapsing bridge.

Later in the video, the Rainbow Shoe Sticker is acquired and a video tutorial shows how Stickers can trigger Sticker Switches. If you were observant, you would have noticed that there was a Rainbow Shoe Sticker Switch earlier in this level. I didn't have the appropriate Sticker then, so I couldn't activate it yet. You'll see what that trigger does in the next video.


Revisit: Immediately after completing it once for the Aced Medal & Secret Stickerist Trophy.

Starting off from the previous part, I finish the "First Steps" level and then quickly revisit it to show what the early Rainbow Shoe Sticker Switch does. (For those who care about Trophies, placing the Sticker on that Sticker Switch also gives you the Secret Stickerist Trophy.) During the second trip, I also Ace the level. (A swing technique is necessary to avoid the collapsing bridge. The player doesn't actually learn about this ability until the next level, but it can still be performed before it is "officially" learned.)

In case you are confused about how the Goodies, Gifts and Medals are awarded at the end of a level, let me explain. You MUST step onto a Scoreboard if you want to obtain any Medals and Gifts. (You can collect and keep a level's Prize Bubbles without stepping onto the Scoreboard, but this only works with collectible Prize Bubbles and Keys. This does NOT work with Medals or Gifts.) Level Complete Gifts are awarded as soon as you finish a level by stepping onto its Scoreboard for the first time. Collected All Gifts are awarded once you've finished collecting all of the Prize Bubbles unique to that level. It wasn't difficult to get the Collected All Gifts for this level, but you'll see how it rapidly becomes more difficult as the game progresses. Aced Level Gifts are awarded when you've finished a level from beginning to end without dying or using the Retry option. This level has few hazards and is pretty easy to Ace, but Acing some later levels (especially the ones that are difficult and/or long) can be a real challenge.

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