DLC 0: Creator Pack 1 - LittleBigPlanet

Creator Pack 1 Background

"Creator pack one contains a set of enhancements that are so stunningly useful, you’ll look back at the time before you had them in your Popit and wonder how it was possible to be so primitive… like trying to imagine the times before we had mobile phones, mp3 players, or the ‘thirst aid’ beer hat." - Official Description

This campaign consists of five gallery levels and focuses on showcasing the new tools available in this DLC.


This video covers all five short levels in the free Creator Pack 1 downloadable content for LittleBIGPlanet.

Each of the five levels showcases some new aspect. The first level shows off the visibility option (available via the Tweak Menu in Create Mode) for various connectors. The second shows off the angle settings (also available via the Tweak Menu in Create Mode) for various Switches. The third level shows off the Tetherless Jetpack and Enchancement Remover Character Enhancement Tools. The tutorial can help you out, but the names of the Tools should make their respective functions self-explanatory. The fourth level shows off the Global Lighting Object. It only modifies aesthetics, but it is handy for certain effects in custom levels. The fifth and final level (which also happens to be my favorite of this Pack) shows off the Infinite Life Checkpoint. The function of the Tool is nice if you'd want to use it for whatever reason in a custom level, but it's the various bits of danger that appear if one waits a little while that really steal the show. I ended with the Infinite Life Checkpoint level for a reason.

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