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This video covers the first three Create Mode tutorials: the Popit Cursor, the Goodies Bag and Interactive Music.

As promised, I will be covering all of the Create Mode tutorials in my walkthrough. Most of them are very easy and shouldn't require a walkthrough, but a select few can be problematic. Also, completing each one awards you with multiple new Tools and Goodies that contribute to completion.

If you want to get on with the main "Story Mode", you can stop after the "Interactive Music" tutorial. One of the rewards for finishing that third tutorial is the Red Lion Emblem Sticker which can be used on a Sticker Switch in the "Skate to Victory" level.


This video covers the next five Create Mode tutorials: Craft Materials, the Corner Editing Tool, Gluing, the Material Changer and Sound Effects.

Of these five, the only one that might be a bit confusing is the Corner Editing Tool tutorial. The description is slightly vague, but I think you merely need to perform three or four (or maybe a few more) edits with the Tool in order to complete the tutorial. You'd probably figure that out just by messing with the Tool, but I thought I would mention that. The other four tutorials covered in this video are easy and I doubt you'd need extra help.

You might think: "Why are covering the tutorials? Aren't the tutorials supposed to be a guide for the players?" I mentioned a few reasons why before, but I'd have this to add: "Yes, most of the tutorials are easy and players shouldn't need help. However, a select few are vague and the precise requirements may not be obvious. The Wobble Bolt tutorial (which will appear in a later video) is a great example of this."


This video covers the next four Create Mode tutorials: the Magic Mouth, Danger Tools, the (Regular) Bolt and String.


This video covers the next four Create Mode tutorials: the Emitter, Buttons, the Dissolve Material and Explosives.


The title is correct but also slightly misleading. The tutorials for the Rocket and Creature Pieces are the last two main tutorials (where main in this case means that it can be accessed through the "Play Next Tutorial" sequence), but additional tutorials can be accessed through the Popit Menu in Create Mode. I will subsequently cover those extra tutorials before returning to the main "Story Mode" of LittleBIGPlanet.


This video covers the first three additional Create Mode tutorials: Capturing Objects (which is just a video tutorial), the Sprung Bolt and the Motor Bolt.

If you're quite knowledgeable on these tutorials, you'll notice that I accidentally bypassed the Floaty Materials video tutorial. It's not that big of a deal, and I'll just include it in a separate video later on.


This video covers the next five additional Create Mode tutorials: the Wobble Bolt, Elastic, the Rod, the Spring and the Winch.

If you're like me and many other hapless players, then you may have gotten stuck on the Wobble Bolt tutorial. You could use trial-and-error (as I did) to figure out the Motor Bolt tutorial (as well as a few other tutorials), but using trial-and-error during the Wobble Bolt tutorial will likely only lead to frustration. The easiest way to figure out the settings you need (in this tutorial and others like it) is to open the Tweak Menu for the object you are supposed to match. Using the Tweak Menu and knowing the exact numbers for the various settings obviously removes a lot of guesswork.


This video covers the next five additional Create Mode tutorials: the Piston, Two-Way Switches, Sticker Switches, Grab Switches and Three-Way Switches.


This video covers the next six additional Create Mode tutorials. The first two (Sensor Switches and Magnetic Keys & Switches) are interactive tutorials and the other four (Camera Zones, the Entrance portal, Score Bubbles and the Scoreboard) are just video tutorials.


This video covers some of the last additional Create Mode tutorials and these six (the Checkpoint, the Close-Level Post, the Photo Booth, Prize Bubbles, Racing and Backgrounds) happen to all be video tutorials that require no effort on the player's behalf.


This video covers the last additional Create Mode video tutorial: Floaty Craft Material. I accidentally skipped this one earlier, but it's here now to signal the end of the tutorial videos.

To "complete" the tutorials (in other words, to more or less earn the Expert Creator PlayStation 3 Trophy), you only need to access the ones that display (in the bottom right corner) a little white question mark on a green background. (If you skip a tutorial, accidentally or otherwise, just hit the square button on various objects in the Popit Menu until you find an additional option that is marked by that question mark icon.)

Astute viewers will note that I also included the Embedding tutorial video. I mainly did that to show you that, yes, there is even more help to be found if you really want it. I imagine most of you viewers are sick of tutorial videos by now and just want to move on with the "Story Mode" again. The good news is that I'll be doing just that!

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