Author's Introduction + Guide Format - LittleBigPlanet

Story Mode Screen with 100% of the Prize Bubbles collected.

As I mentioned on the main page of the guide, I'm going to cover the entirety of the Story Mode of the game. This means collecting every Key and Prize Bubble (including those in Cooperative Challenge areas) as well as Completing and Acing every possible level. Following my guide should help you score the Booty Master Silver Trophy (for collecting every last Prize Bubble) and the Play (for Acing every level that is not a Survival Challenge) Gold Trophies, effectively earning you 100% completion for the game.

If you're going to want to collect everything, you'll need to do at least a little bit of backtracking. I'll make note of when this is necessary and what to use when and where. In general, I split my recordings for each level into two videos, the first for Acing and collecting all (or at least most) of the currently accessible single-player Goodies/Prize Bubbles and the second for collecting newly accessible Prize Bubbles and for completing any existing Cooperative Challenge areas. If a level is linked to any Challenges, they'll be nested under the level where you can find the requisite Key.


▼ Zone 1: The Gardens

▼ Level 02: Get a Grip

● Tie Skipping

Also, though I did not include audio commentary for this guide, I did include textual commentary that can be found below each of the corresponding embedded YouTube video players.

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