How to escape elo hell - League of Legends

I've been an elo booster for a few years now - I know many players may hate us, but there's a reason we exist. The first, and most obvious one, is that many players simply can't get past a certain point in the division ladder even though they have the capability to play at higher tiers; this is widely referred to as “elo hell.” Players have not agreed the tier and division where elo hell ends, but the general understanding is that elo hell includes Bronze through Gold tiers. Many players claim Platinum is more difficult due to the overall toxicity of the players, while some go so far as to say elo hell exists even in Diamond.

In my experience with my clients, it is more difficult for a client stuck in Bronze to go from Bronze to Silver than it is for a client stuck in Platinum to get to Diamond. This leads me to believe that Bronze, Silver, and even Gold require a player to be much better than his current placement if he should have any chance of going up in the rankings, while players in Platinum and Diamond can may all be at about the same level of professionalism. Simply stated: If you are stuck in bronze, you need to have the skill level of a gold player to get to silver. If you are stuck in platinum, you need to have the skill level of a platinum player or a diamond player to get to diamond. This means that elo hell is real, and more of a hindrance in the lower levels of ranked.

This is the main reason people want to buy elo boosting. They are better than their teammates, but still cannot carry themselves up the ladder. What consistently surprises me is that once I have boosted my clients, they often continue to climb on their own. This is due to the fact that once they are at a higher ranking, they are not held back by their teammates, but more importantly, they are playing against better players, which in turn makes them better themselves. I have had bronze players get boosted to gold, and then watched as they climbed to platinum by themselves. Some come back to get the next boost to diamond, and then they are again climbing the ladder without any help. They learn so much just from playing against people who are better than them. A lot of my clients also purchase my guides and coaching in addition to their boost, and these are, without a doubt, the clients who climb the ladder the fastest. They often go above and beyond my expectations for them, which always makes me happy! But I still have many clients who improve just from being boosted. Often reaching the ranking that they want gives them a mental boost, and they feel happier when they play, which again leads to improvement in both gameplay and team morale.

League of Legends is a game that relies so heavily on your teammates that it can be extremely hard to carry yourself out of the ranking you are stuck within. When you yourself have a great game where you wreck the enemy team almost by yourself, but you still lose because one of your teammates feeds, goes afk, or decides that LoL is no longer a game they enjoy, and rage at everyone the entire game instead, that’s when your own frustration begins to take over and affect your gameplay. This is often when an elo booster steps in. I often just need to get on your League account and boost your elo a couple of divisions, and before you know it, you are back in the game, playing better than ever. Everyone knows team games can be frustrating. A lot of the people playing League of Legends really want to buy elo boosting, but they feel like they should be able to do it on their own. If you feel that way, you can always buy coaching and guides, which will help you improve and will eventually lead you to the next division, but buying a League of Legends elo boost is a much faster way to do it, and you will get the result you want, guaranteed. It’s for that reason, among many others, that so many LoL players choose to get boosted.

TL;DR Elo hell is real, mostly affecting bronze, silver and gold players. A huge percentage of league of legends players choose to buy elo boosting to negate the effects of elo hell. Boosted players often improve on their own and can successfully climb the ladder once their boosts are completed.  

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