Walkthrough - LEGO Indiana Jones

LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough! I even include all Parcel locations, and how to discovery Han Solo (currently my most viewed video, at 1.5 million views, insane!).

Regarding this walkthrough: This was uploaded when High Quality was an option, meaning when 640x480 was the highest resolution possible, AND it's recorded on the Wii so any higher than 480p Standard Definition recording would have been impossible. I do voice overs, sometimes with my brother GenaralSkar. If you don't like it, mute the sound.

Also, during WGM's raid of YouTube where they banned tons of people and removed lots of videos for having a 5 second music clip in their video, a rather large amount of these videos have had the audio replaced with a TERRIBLE song. The song is only 36 seconds, the rest is silent. I had to either put the song in, or have the video removed, and I thought having the song in was the best way to go. Sorry :\

To start, a first gameplay!

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