Walkthrough - LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman walkthrough, commentated by me (MarioDragon) and occasionally GenaralSkar! Also played through on co-op by the same people.

Regarding this walkthrough: This walkthrough was uploaded before HD was an option, meaning 640x480 was the highest resolution on YouTube. Also, since it was recorded on the Wii, any higher than 480p Standard Definition would have been impossible.

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Because of WGM's "raid of YouTube" where they banned a ton of people and removed a lot of videos for having a 5 second music clip in their audio, a rather large amount of videos have their sound replaced with a TERRIBLE 36 second song, while the rest is silent. It was either add in that song, or have the video removed, and I thought the song was the best way to go.

Regardless, here's my First Gameplay footage of this game.

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