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Fighter's Dressing Room:

There is a Newspaper on one of the tables.

Examine Hammond's locker to find a note with a phone number and odds.

Use the telephone.

Hotel El Mar:

Examine the Ledger, point at Winston Churchill's name Room 207.

On the floor there is a Telegram in a tipped over waste basket.

On the dresser there is a Movie Ticket Stub and a box of chocolates.

One the table there are beans that are still warm.  There is also a magazine with a coupon filled out by Candy Edwards.

On the bedside stand to the right is a cigarette with lipstick.

On the bedside stand to the left is a note of Bookmakers' payouts.

Aleve Motel:

Talk to the receptionist.

Inspect the unconscious body.  In the left pocket is a notebook with names, in the right pocket is a switch blade.

Examine the suitcase

On the dresser is a one way Bus Ticket and a Cunard Ascania postcard.

Interview Candy Edwards:

Question #1 Whereabouts of Hammond: Lie, Evidence = Magazine Coupon

Question #2 List of Odds Recovered: Lie, Evidence = Bookmaker's Odds

Question #3 Plans to Leave Town: Doubt

Tail Candy Edwards

Bookmaker's Office (Thrifty Liquor):

Use the pencil on the notepad by the phone.

Bookmaker's Office (Examiner Drugstore):

Examine Cab Card by phone.

Use phone.

Talk to the bookie.

Ray's Bookmakers:

Tail the cab

Bus Depot:

Stay incognito, then enter the bathroom after Candy.

Examine the Revolver outside the stall and the purse to find a Moive Ticket from the Egyptian Theater.

Egyptian Theater:

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Its Not Up There But Also If You Don' Have The Achievement (The Moose) You Can Get That When You Tail Candy Edwards.  Catch 22 You Can't Use Cover Agents Walls Cars Ect Hope That Help For The People Out To Get The Achievements.

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