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Examine the two Pawned Rings.


Talk to the coroner.

Examine the body.  Inspect the head to find Vagrancy.  Examine the victim's right arm to find Missing Ring

On a yellow blanket, there is a handbag with the Upper Half of a Letter and Movie Lot Job card.  There is also a matchbook from Mensch's Bar and a paper from levines liquor store.

Interview John Ferdinand Jamison:

Question #1 Interference with Evidence: Truth

Question #2 Discovery of Victim's Body: Doubt

Use Telephone for address to Levine's Liquor Store

Levine's Liquor Store:

(Go to Levine's Liquor BEFORE Mensch's Bar)

In her bedroom in the back there is a Book on the floor signed by Grosvenor McCaffrey and a photo.  There is also a pin from Rawling's Bowling and an award.

Interview Robbins:

Question #1 Contact with Victim: Truth

Question #2 Relationship with Victim: Truth

Question #3 Knowledge of McCaffrey: Doubt

Mensch's Bar:

Interview Grosvenor McCaffrey:

Question #1 Criminal History: Doubt

Question #2 Relationship with victim: Lie Evidence = Book


Central Police Station:

Meet the Captain downstairs.

Use Phone

Rawling's Bowling Alley:

Chase James Tiernan

McCaffrey's Apartment:

On the desk to the left is the other half of the Torn Letter.

On the floor there is a bloody pipe from Rawling's Bowling and a bloody shirt.

McCaffrey is on the roof.

Central Police Station:

Note: You must go back and forth between the two to use their testimonies against each other.

Interrogate James Tiernan:

Interview Room 1:

Question #1 Relationship with Victim: Lie, Evidence = Victim Last Seen

Question #2 Victim's Book Found: Doubt

Question #3 Alibi for James Tiernan: Lie, Evidence = Liquor Purchase

Question #4 Access to Murder Weapon: Doubt

Leave Interrogation to talk to McCaffrey

Question #5 Events Prior to Murder: Lie, Evidence = McCaffrey's Accusation

Interrogate Grosvenor McCaffrey:

Interview Room 2:

Question #1 Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie, Evidence = Torn Letter

Question #2 Access to Tire Iron: Lie, Evidence = Tiernan Accusation

Use Phone for Evidence needed for Question #3

Question #3 Military Service: Lie, Evidence = McCaffrey's Criminal Record

Charge Grosvenor McCaffrey

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JesusChris's picture

Interview with Robbins

Question 1: Truth
Question 2: Truth
Question 3: Doubt?

JesusChris's picture

Interview with McCaffrey

Question 1: Doubt
Question 2: Lie - Book

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This Guide is f***d up

SleazyKilla 816's picture

did you know that there is a mistake on this case that you posted? you claim that at the bar while interviewing McCaffrey during either Question 1 or 2 (I forget which one) you say the answer is doubt when the answer is really lie and the evidence you need is the signed book...because of you and your incorrect information I had to restart this whole case so I would advise that you go through this case again, correct your mistake and retype this page before anyone else wastes their time with this false article. thank you.

october_midnight's picture

So wait, you bought (or had your parents buy) this game, just to read through a guide step by step?  Wow, that sounds like money well spent.  You had a book with the guy's name on it...next interrogation try actually using your brain.

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make the  following correction:

Interrogate Grosvenor McCaffrey:
Question #1 Relationship with Victim: Lie, Evidence = BOOK

Question #2 Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie, Evidence = Torn Letter

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@ october_midnight you can't solve the case if that game breaking evidence isn't there. I only use this guide for the interview answers purely because I was sick of making marginal mistakes with facial expressions and having to redo each specific question again so I could get 5 stars on every case so sure this game isn't for the average gamer and some do need to use guides.

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How the hell do you get mccaffrey's testimony :\

Nevermind you need to bounce back and forth between the two perps getting them to answer only the questions that you have a doubt answer or you have the evidence for.

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Going to Levine's before going Mensch's allows you to call Grosvenor on his lie of not knowing the victim well by using the signed metaphysics book in the victims makeshift bedroom. This also gets Grosvenor to tell you Tiernan and the victim were more than friends which you can use against him ( Tiernan )in the interrogation at central. Hope this helps.

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Updated for the above change, I was going to mention the same thing and figured I should just fix it.

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