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Curtis Benson's Apartment:

There is a Share Certificate on the table behind Curtis.

On the desk to the left of the table is an Insurance Agreement

Interview Curtis Benson:

Question #1 Motive for Fraud: Lie- The shares are proof

Question #2 Suburban Redevelopment: Lie, Evidence = Insurance Agreement

Question #3 Buchwalter Case Settlement: Doubt

There'll be a small cutscene in Curtis's bedroom

California Fire and Life:

Examine folder in your office.  Point out the latitude and longitude, and insurance value.

Hall of Records:

Examine the ledger.  Turn the page, and point out Courtney Sheldon.

Adjust the map to the coodindates he says

Use the calculator to divide 1876988 by 90,000

Go to the U section

Kelso's Apartment:

Answer the phone.

Leland Monroe's Mansion:

There's a Newspaper and a photograph behind Monroe's Desk.

Examine the safe to find a Payroll notebook, Suburban Redevelopment Shares, and an LAPD file on Fontaine.

There is a folder on Monroe's desk with the names of holdouts.

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buzzx3's picture

There is also a teenage girl in curtis bensons bedroom. I dont think It effects then overall case grade but it's funny to see the bastard squirm

Madogg61's picture

When at Bensons, check the bedroom for the girl, if you don't you won't be able to get five stars, it does effect the case.

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