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Curtis Benson's Apartment:

There is a Share Certificate on the table behind Curtis.

On the desk to the left of the table is an Insurance Agreement

Interview Curtis Benson:

Question #1 Motive for Fraud: Lie- The shares are proof

Question #2 Suburban Redevelopment: Lie, Evidence = Insurance Agreement

Question #3 Buchwalter Case Settlement: Doubt

There'll be a small cutscene in Curtis's bedroom

California Fire and Life:

Examine folder in your office.  Point out the latitude and longitude, and insurance value.

Hall of Records:

Examine the ledger.  Turn the page, and point out Courtney Sheldon.

Adjust the map to the coodindates he says

Use the calculator to divide 1876988 by 90,000

Go to the U section

Kelso's Apartment:

Answer the phone.

Leland Monroe's Mansion:

There's a Newspaper and a photograph behind Monroe's Desk.

Examine the safe to find a Payroll notebook, Suburban Redevelopment Shares, and an LAPD file on Fontaine.

There is a folder on Monroe's desk with the names of holdouts.

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There is also a teenage girl in curtis bensons bedroom. I dont think It effects then overall case grade but it's funny to see the bastard squirm

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