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Steffens House Fire:

There is an Instaheat heater serviced by Matthew Ryan near where the fire burnt the fence.

Interview Don Steffens:

Question #1 Travel Competition: Truth

Question #2 Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt

Use phone.

Sawyer House Fire:

Talk to the coroner.

There's an InstaHeat regulator valve near the right front outside corner of the house.

Chase Herbert Chapman.


Travel Agency:


 Examine the ledger, point out the Steffens and Sawyer families.

Interview John Cunningham:

Suburban Redevelopment: Truth

Promotional Contest: Doubt


Suburban Redevelopment Fund:

Find out it's an Elysian Fields Development office.


Fire Station No. 32

Put the balloon on the right, the valve in the middle, and the pilot on the left.

InstaHeat Factory:

Interview Ivan Rasic:

Question #1 InstaHeat Model 70: Doubt

Question #2 Heater Service History: Lie, Evidence = Heater Serviced by Ryan or Varley

Use Phone

Talk to Rasic

Examine Walter Clemens locker to find an Anarchist Pamphlet

Examine Matthew Ryan's locker to find Anarchist Pamphlets

Examine Reginald Varley to find Mosquito Coils

Clemen's Worksite:

Interview Walter Clemens:

Question #1 Knowledge of Varley: Doubt

Question #2 Employment with InstaHeat: Doubt

Question #3 Knowledge of Ryan: Lie, Evidence = Clemens Anarchists Pamphlet


Varley's Worksite:

Chase Varley.



Ryan's Worksite:

Chase Ryan


Wilshire Police Station:

Interview Matthew Ryan:

Question #1 Anarchist Literature: Lie, Evidence = Ryan's pamphlets
Question #2 InstaHeat Model 70: Lie, Evidence = Ivan's Statement
Question #3 Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt
Question #4 Attempted murder charge: Lie, Evidence = Ryan's Criminal Record

Leave Interrogation

Interview Reginald Varley:

Question #1 Work at Sawyer residence: Lie, Evidence = Heater Serviced by Varley
Question #2 Suburban Redevelopment: Lie, Evidence = Matthew Ryan's Statement
Question #3 InstaHeat Model 70: Lie, Evidence = Mosquito coils

Leave Interrogation

Charge Matthew Ryan

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SleazyKilla 816's picture

wow dude you should just stop because your case descriptions are getting worse and worse there totaly unrealible like question 2 you said "not truth?!?!?!?" what the fuck kinda shit is that??

jace's picture

It means that it's not truth, idiot.

Dan Broadbent's picture

@ SleazyKilla 816

Just wanted to let you know that page is a wiki, so anyone (logged in) can edit it. I'm just writing everything I find out my first time through, so I can fix it later. When I wrote 'not truth' that is because I guessed truth and it was wrong so if someone figures it out, they can click edit and add the correct answer. So basically what you're reading is a rough draft that will be improved soon.

NomadicRhombus's picture

Travel Agency:

Interview John CunningHam:

Suburban Redevelopment: Truth

Promotional Contest: Doubt

Drazjung's picture

Wilshire Police Station

Matthew Ryan
Anarchist Literature Lie-Ryan's pamphlets
InstaHeat Model70 Lie-Ivan's Statement
Suburban Redevelopment Doubt
Attempted murder charge Doubt
Leave Interrogation

Reginald Varley
Work at Sawyer residence Lie-Heater Serviced by Varley
Suburban Redevelopment Lie-Matthew's Statement
InstaHeat Model70 Lie-Mosquito coils
Leave Interrogation

Charge Matthew Ryan

Green Man's picture

For the Ryan int. you can also choose lie on the 4th question and use Ryan's Criminal Record as evidence. 

toysjoe's picture

I accused Ryan of lying about the anarchist pamphlts and used Ryan's pamphlets to prove it, but I keep getting it wrong.

never mind, i'm just being stupid

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