The Badge Pursuit Challenge Locations - L.A. Noire

The badge locations are listed here in no particular order.

1. West Hollywood Boulevard Grauman's Theater in front of the door in the left side of the courtyard.

2. On the front desk inside of the Hall of Records lobby.

3. Under the tracks of the Angels Flight.

4. At the Crossroads of the World landmark, in a cross-section of the building.

5. At the L.A. County Art Museum. Enter the right driveway and parking lot, the badge is down a path left of the parking lot.

6. Between the central pylons of the 6th/Whittlier Street Viaduct. Climb up the base of the pylons using a ladder.

7. Directly under the altar of The set of "Intolerance", find an entrance to the catacombs below the set.

8. At the Los Angeles Public Library, use a pipe on the west side of the building to access the roof. The badge is towards the north side of the building on the main roof area, on a smaller, raised section of the roof.

9. At the bottom of the stairwell behind the Bullocks Wilshire.

10. In the western area of Chinatown, near a sign that says "Kam Tong Chinese Foods" between two lions (note that there are at least five of the exact same signs near other pairs of lions throughout Chinatown).

11. At Pershing Square. On a table in front of the Yellow and Green Trolley-Dogs Hot Dog Stand near the park's center.

12. At Westlake Tar Pits. On the porch of a white house down the path.

13. At Union Station. On the left side from where you enter at one of the ticket counters.

14. At RKO Theatre. Near the entrance, on the right close to a wall displaying film posters.

15. At the Los Angeles Examiner building. Enter the parking lot at the building's rear, look for the badge on a low wall near some plants between the Examiner building and a building on the right with light green walls.

16. At the Max Factor building. Next to a dumpster on the side of the building. You have to jump a fence to get the badge.

17. At Main St Terminal. On the tracks in front of a subway car, just across from the parked yellow buses.

18. At Hotel Roosevelt. Inside an alcove facing the street.

19. At Musso & Franks. Behind the building under an awning.

20. At MacArthur Park. On top of a barrel, on the dock where the paddle boats are.

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