Case 17: The Gas Man - L.A. Noire

Crime Scene:

Travel Agency + Suburban Redevelopment:

Sawyer Residence:

Fire Station 32:

Instaheat Factory:

Clemen's Worksite:

Ryan's Worksite:

Varley's Worksite:


standardshift1's picture

Is it just me or are some of the videos not working like the first one

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

New videos can be unstable. If they don't work, try refreshing and replaying. Just give it a little time and it should fix itself

Milleniummaster18's picture

I second the comment above, probably just needs time to upload correctly, unless there's something wrong, as some of the other videos below and all of the ones in the next case play correctly. Never uploaded nor embedded a video in my life, so I'm just guessing here.

standardshift1's picture

a day later and the first video is still not workin for me, and i dont wanna watch the other videos until i see the first one

4rch3n3my's picture

same thing.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

Read the main guide page for info

z McArdle x's picture

Hey rvb what channel should i check out on utube to see rest of the guide?

MollyPopGirl's picture

Sadly, I'm having the same issue. I think he's unable to post the guide on youtube yet because of a new partnership. I guess just keep trying until it's fixed or he's able to post it on youtube. rvb, I love your guides so much that I'm willing to wait until I can few yours =) Keep up the great work, man! 

z McArdle x's picture

molly do you play uno? =')!

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