Case 12: The Studio Secretary Murder - L.A. Noire

Pawn Shop + Crime Scene:

Mensch's Bar 1:

Levine's Liquor Store:

Mensch's Bar 2:

Central Police Station 1:

Rawling's Bowling Alley:

McCaffrey's Apartment:

Central Police Station 2 (Interrogation):

You must charge McCaffrey with the murder to get all 5 stars.

MrArchebald's picture

"I know my rights!" "You have no rights. Now answer the question". Classic police work!

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I actually did it a different way. I didnt go to Mensch's Bar the 2nd time went straight to the station, I missed out McCaffrey's accusation as evidence but got the final interrogations over in half the time and got 5 stars

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