5-Star Walkthrough - L.A. Noire


Dear Audience,
Things have been pretty hectic the past few days. The problems with the player have caught up with this guide, so the next time it will be updated, it will be on YouTube (for various reasons). I am now done with Blastro and back to Blip, and hope never to have a problem of this magnitude on any future content I produce. Thanks for sticking it out, and thanks for all the positive feedback. Stay awesome.


UPDATE: Check Youtube.com/VISOGamer



*Currently Under Development*

This walkthrough is in depth, meaning it will tell you how to five-star every case. It will reveal all evidence locations, and will tell you how to carry out a conversation in the perfect manner. This is possibly my biggest guide yet.

This  L.A Noire guide is commentated in a Let's Play style, but it is important to keep in mind that it is not. Since this is a detective game, I have decided to, in a way, act it out like a movie. This makes the guide both informative and enjoying to watch.

I hope you enjoy!


5/23/11 - Finished Recording Video

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Looking forward to the rest of the guide

Aquapit's picture

Can't wait!

deathbycroc's picture

Just what I need. Thanks a lot.

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glad to receive such a positive reception. Glad you guys like it. I'm doing my best to get more cases out as fast as possible! Its just that it's not easy replaying the same case 3-5 times if they last for roughly 45 minutes each.

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Great work with the guide mate, informative and entertaining. Looking forward to the rest!

" Oh shit that's his wife"  Classic

 - mRam

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Great going with the guides. Simple and very informative. Love the game as well. Just gotta say with anybody trying to watch the videos that a few of the new ones aren't loading, but I believe that is because everyone is trying to watch right when it comes out and it creates overload for the video on its initial run. 

If anything give it some time and by then, rvbfreak would have the whole guide completed :)
^_^ keep up the great work rvb. 2 Thumbs up!!

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Thanks for the comment, bytemap. Glad you like it. I have two missions to actually do and 7 to record voice overs for, so you can expect the completion very soon.

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Hey man I just wanted to say thanks for the guide! Helps a lot. Also, I don't know if anyone else has been having this problem, but Shockwave (I think that's what powers the video), or whatever, has crashed on me a couple of times. When I press play after pausing so I can play the game, a very loud static comes on, and then the page (& Shockwave), crases. Again, just the player does that and the tab it's in crashes. Nothing else. Not Google Chrome entirely or even my laptop completely, just the tab that I have the video playing in. Although that was when the video's were probably new and it probably doesn't matter but weren't organized with "Case #:". Seems to work fine now that they've been up for a while. But thanks for the guide again it's super helpful, and this is an awesome game!

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Glad you like my guide!

I use Chrome, but it keeps getting wierd on me. I'm going over to firefox now, since chrome is having problems even on google-owned sites...

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Well, tomorrow starts Finals. Sorry about how slow the guide has been going. On top of that, I just reinstalled Windows 7 because it keps BSODing on me while rendering.

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It Finished Now?

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I hope to have it finished by tonight and up by tomorrow

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= ) Good work!

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just wanted to say im loving the guide and your style of commentating. so much so that im actually watching this full guide without any hope of ever actually purchasing and playing this game. Keep up the good work ;D

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Fantastic guide! I love your commentary! I look forward to seeing more of your guides. Keep up the great work! 

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Thanks for this great walkthrough! When are you going to finish it?

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Could you please upload the entire guide to an alternate website such as Blip or Youtube. Thanks a lot for this guide!! Really helpful. 

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Have you uploaded the guide to YouTube? If so, what is your channel?

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Well guys, that is up to the owner of the guide. The rights to it are no longer mine, so I can't post it anywhere. Speak to Dan about upping it elsewhere.

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Is there any chance that the uploaded videos will start working relatively soon? Just wondering if there was an ETA when that would be happening?

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check youtube.com/VISOGamer 

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Dear WikiGameGuide Users,

My name is Jesse Brede and I'm am the project manager and a developer for Blastro's video player.  We are a small company (15 people) with a true passion for online video, music and also video games.

I wanted to express my apologies for the recent outage.  I understand everyone's frustration and take full responsibility for the problems.   Over the last few months, we made several mistakes on our end that caused our player to stop working.  Each time we promised Dan and Co that it would not happen again but it did and we're willing to accept the consequences. 

We enjoyed our time servicing NGW and WGG and hope that  there are no hard feelings.  Enjoy your gaming.


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