Twists of Fate - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

Twists of Fate are rewarded after completing certain tasks throughout Reckoning.

Main Quests

The Warsworn

At the end of The Mountain Prison, you can choose between the following 2 Twists of Fate

  • Truesworn: Choose Thumbs Down/"That will never happen": +1 to Might Abilities, +10% Chance to Critical Hit vs. Niskaru, +6% Stun Duration
  • OR Forsworn: Thumbs Up/"Make me your instrument": +10% Physical Damage, +1 to Might Abilities, +%5 Fire Damage

House of Ballads

After completing the final mission The Hero and the Maid, you are rewarded with:

  • Iconoclast: +1-% Damage with Faeblades, +6% Mana, +3% Chance to Steal 5 Health

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