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As you explore the world of Amalur, you will discover a wide array or Lore -- snippets of history, mythology, and more, which contribute to your understanding of the world and grant you Experience.

Lore is collectible, so finding all the Lore in a given area will grant an additional Experience bonus.

Odarath (5 Lorestones)

Secrets of Odarath -- The people of Odarath confide in the Lorestones.

Reward: Nature's Primacy

+4% Damage with Melee vs. Humans

Yolvan (5 Lorestones)

The Fall of Castle Yolvan -- The history of Castle Yolvan and its ruin.

Reward: Yolvan's Poison

+10% Poison Damage vs. Fae

Webwood (5 Lorestones)

The Widow -- The tale of the Widow and her love for Webwood.

Reward: Widow's Way

+6% Fire Damage

Ettinmere (5 Lorestones)

The Ballad of the Bloody Bones -- The noble sacrifice of Farrara for his love.

Reward: Farrara's Zeal

+3% Damage with Melee

Gorguath (5 Lorestones)

The Song of Sir Sagrell - Of Sagrell and his defeat of the Grace Thresh

Reward: Sagrell's Wile

+6% Damage with Faeblades

Glendara (5 Lorestones)

Dara and Diden -- How Diden crafted a lake for his unrequited love, Dara.

Reward: Diden’s Passion

+4% Health

Haxhi (5 Lorestones)

Two Knights and a Troll -- Creth and Airmer confront the rampaging troll named Nix.

Reward: Heroes’ Wisdom

+3% Chance to Critical Hit vs. Fae

The Sidhe (5 Lorestones)

The Architect -- A majestic Fae creates the Sidhe.

Reward: Architect’s Inspiration

+6% Mana

Summer’s End (5 Lorestones)

The Cursed Kingdom -- Belmaid thwarts the Maid of Windemere’s plans to gather an army of wild Fae.

Reward: Belmaid’s Ingenuity

+6% Damage with Hammers

Dalentarth (5 Lorestones)

Oleyn, Cureseeker -- Oleyn, the humble knight, defends and heals a village of mortals.

Reward: Oleyn’s Will

+8% Poison Resistance

  1. Shortly after your discussion with Agarth and you decide your first Destiny, it's on the path to Gorhart.

Castle Windemere (5 Lorestones)

The Hero and the Maid -- King Wencen is abducted by the Maid of Windemere and struggles to free himself.

Reward: Wencen’s Love

+2% Chance to Critical Hit

The Wolds (5 Lorestones)

The Fading of the Fae -- The coming of mortals heralds the end of the Fae.

Reward: Fae Knowledge

+4% Health

Cradle of Summer (5 Lorestones)

Rise of the Morning Suns -- The three majestics are reborn in Erathell to shape the land.

Reward: Shaper’s Touch

+10% Mana Stolen per Hit
+6% Chance to Steal Mana

Tala-Rane (5 Lorestones)

The Borrowed Lands -- The Alfar change the lands of Tala-Rane into their possessions.

Reward: Scavenger’s Luck

+3% Gold Drops

Kandrian (5 Lorestones)

The Kings of Kandrian -- The history of the line of Kandrian kings.

Reward: Blood of Kings

+20% Bleeding Resistance

Galafor (5 Lorestones)

The Valley of Mihari -- A Fae’s thoughts and existence in the blessed valley of Galafor.

Reward: Mihari’s Blessing

+20% Health

The Red Marches (5 Lorestones)

Fyragnos Comes -- Why the Marches are colored red.

Reward: Fyragnos’ Wish

+20% Burning Duration

Alserund (5 Lorestones)

The House of Valor -- The mighty deeds of Engard, the Champion of Valor.

Reward: Valor’s Shield

+5% Armor

The Hollowlands (5 Lorestones)

The Flight of Saina -- Of Saina’s blessing upon the desserts, and Helios’ envy.

Reward: Divine Sacrifice

+6% Fire Resistance

Menetyre (5 Lorestones)

The Carver -- The majestic Carver creates the canyons and plateaus of Detyre.

Reward: Carver’s Labor

+6% Armor

Apotyre (5 Lorestones)

Rattlesnake and Desert Runner -- Rattlesnake and Desert Runner struggle to survive

Reward: Desert Survival

+4% Health

The Midden (5 Lorestones)

The Gallows Tree -- A hymn to the revered tree of the Winter Fae.

Reward: Sorrow’s Benefit

+6% Bleeding Damage

Caeled Coast (5 Lorestones)

The Faehunter -- A mortal’s hatred of Fae becomes embodied.

Reward: Hunter’s Thoughts

+3% Damage with Ranged

Klurikon (5 Lorestones)

The House of Sorrows -- The Winter Fae come to Klurikon and worship their home.

Reward: Humility

-5% Armor Equip Requirements

Alabastra (5 Lorestones)

The House of Pride -- A member of The House of Pride proclaims its eternal sovereignty.

Reward: Anagnorisis

+4% Damage Resistance

Amaura (5 Lorestones)

The House of Vengeance -- The youngest House of Winter Fae disrupts the Great Cycle

Reward: Enlightenment

+1 Mana Regen per Sec

Bhaile (5 Lorestones)

Winter’s End -- The beginning of the eternal winter, and the fall of the Unseelie houses.

Reward: Nothingness

+10% Health
+10% Mana

Spring (10 Lorestones)

The Parting -- The epic of Bayala Tirin’s sojourn, the separation of the Alfar, and the founding of Rathir.

Reward: Bayala’s Spring

+3% Health
+3% Mana

Summer (10 Lorestones)

The Withering War -- The telling of the great war between Summer and Winter Fae.

Reward: Ysa’s Summer

+1 Health Regen per Sec

Fall / Autumn (10 Lorestones)

Note: when you walk up to these stones, they say Autumn, but in the list of Lorestones that you have found, they are listed as Fall.

Agnur Farhal is directly east of Gorhart (the first city at the beginning of the game).

Order and Chaos -- A voice lost in the magic of the Lorestones.

Reward: Athyll’s Fall

+1% Mana Regen per Sec

Winter (10 Lorestones)

The Cradle of Winter -- The arrival of the endless winter and a mad king.

Reward: Gadflow’s Winter

+10% Ice Resistance

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