12 - Pride Before A Fall - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

Ventrinio has a way to get past Dren, the unkillable defender of the entrance to Alabastra. Ventrinio is waiting with my other allies at the Field of Huber in the south of Klurikon.

  1. Travel to the Field of Huber
  2. Talk to Ventrinio
  3. Face Callis Dren
  4. Liberate the House of Pride
  5. Destroy the Chantry
  6. Talk to the Knave

The House of Pride is no longer an obstacle, and the way is clear to Alabastra. Time to enter the Tuatha's homeland.


Twist of Fate - Unstoppable Force: +6% Physical Damage, +7% Gold

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