10 - Silence Falls - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

If you're stuck at a marked objective, destroy all the red crystals to complete the objective.

The Alfar army has freed Mel Senshir, but the Tuatha still swarm in Klurikon. Owaiglyn has heard stories of a secret band of jungle warriors who have been fighting from the shadows. If I find them, we can join forces against the Tuatha.

  1. Find Allies in Klurikon
  2. Meet Cydan at Foes' Hearth
  3. Destroy the Prismere Chantries
  4. Return to Cydan

The Tuatha's hold over Klurikon has been broken and Cydan of the Bitter Frost is in your debt. In return, he promises to show me the secret path to Ventrinio, the gnome who can get me into the Tuatha's homeland.

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