09 - Khamazandu's Gift - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

If you choose the Thumbs Up/"Make me your instrument" choice at the end of The Mountain Prison, you unlock this quest.

Upon the peak of Cloudcrest Mountain, the Niskaru Lord Khamazandu offered me its gift if I would be its instrument in the world. To prove myself, I must kill Gwyn Anwy, who stands on the pass below me.

  • Kill Gwyn Anwy
  • Kill the other Warsworn (Tine Delfric, Grian Shane, Sverri Kura, Oda Celfred)
  • Recover the Heart of Sibun


Twist of Fate - Forsworn: +10% Physical Damage, +1 to Might Abilities, +%5 Fire Damage

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