09 - Breaking the Siege - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

The mouthpiece of Rathir's ruling council, Elund Carth, needs to give his approval before any ships and troops can depart for Mel Senshir. Tilera has asked me to find Elund Carth and reason with him.

  1. Meet with Elund Carth in Rathir
  2. Reconvene with Tilera
  3. Kill With Knight Malwyn
  4. Pursue the Balor
  5. Defeat the Balor
  6. Talk to Commander Owaiglyn

General Tilera asked for my assistance in breaking the ten-year siege of Mel Senshir. Though she gave her life in the process, we have successfully routed the Tuatha armies and liberated the fortress opening the road to Klurikon. Now, I must find a way into Alabastra.


Twist of Fate - Siegebreaker: +4% Experience Bonus, +6% Damage

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