07 - The Mystic Hammer - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

To pass the Fate-barrier, go into fate-shift mode and walk up to the door. Even if you don't have a full fate-shift built up, hold both triggers.


The Mystic Hammer was buried with the remains of its owner in Eagonn's Tomb, located in a narrow pass south of Alserund. Long ago, Eagonn used it to stop the mage Fahrland from undertaking the same scheme as Besin: freeing the Niskaru Lord from his mountain prison.

  • Speak with Tine Delfric
  • Travel to Eagonn's tomb
  • Take the Mystic Hammer
  • Travel to Ironfast Keep
  • Speak with Gwyn Anwy
  • Go to Hall of the Firstworn
  • Pass the Fate-barrier
  • Enter the Sacred Passage
  • Re-forge the Mystic Hammer
  • Speak with Gwyn Anwy

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