07 - The Great General - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

Titarion said I would need allies to fight the Tuatha and confront the power in Alabastra. I may not know her motives, but Alyn Shir is definitely an ally. Perhaps she can help.

  1. Talk to Alyn Shir
  2. Meet Alyn Shir in Emaire
  3. Meet General Tilera at Urul-Tusk
  4. Awaken the Urul-Tusk Windstone
  5. Open the Gate at Urul-Tusk
  6. Find the Piercing Light
  7. Defend Tilera from Nuskaru
  8. Talk to General Tilera

General Tilera and I have retrieved Piercing Light and are ready to battle the Tuatha at Mel Senshir.

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