04 - Lock and Key - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

The hard of Sibun, the relic I found in Brigand Hall Caverns, was in fact stolen from an ancient Warsworn vault. Tine has asked me to investigate the Heart's theft, beginning at Helmgard Keep with Castellan Grian Shane. Helmgard lies on the Plains of Erathell, in Tala-Rane.

  • Travel to Helmgard Keep
  • Speak to Grian Shane
  • Visit the Ancient Vault
  • Defeat the mages
  • Return to Helmgard Keep
  • Speak to Gwyn Anwy
  • Show Grian the key
  • Visit the Locksmith Tarion
  • Return to Helmgard Keep

It was Pledgeshield Livia Fenan who copied the key to the Ancient Vault for the Fahrlangi mages. If she cooperates, we may yet learn the identiy of these mages and what they are trying to accomplish.

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