03 - Old Friends, New Foes - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

Alyn Shir helped me secure the Codex of Destiny from Dellach. The Codex is imprinted with Fae memories. Without help, I cannot know its contents. Alyn suggested that I meet her and her Fae contacts at the House of Ballads.

  1. Join Alyn Shir
  2. Show the Codex to Glianal
  3. Talk with Alyn Shir
  4. Meet Nyralim
  5. Defeat Gnarsh
  6. Talk to Alyn Shir
  7. Return to Nyralim
  8. Meditate in the Sidhe
  9. Enter the Gardens of Ysa

I have been accepted into the Gardens of Ysa.

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