02 - Into the Light - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

Just before Hugues escaped, he told me to find a Fateweaver named Agarth in the town of Gorhart. This Fateweaver should be able to shed some light on my condition.

  1. Speak with a Fateweaver in Gorhart.
  2. Meet Arden
  3. Speak with Agarth
  4. Meet Agarth at Dellach
  5. Follow Agarth into Dellach
  6. Defeat the Tuatha
  7. Speak with Alyn Shir
  8. Talk with Agarth
  9. Quest Complete

I have learned that I have no fate and the power to change the fate of others. I have gained the help of Fateweaver Agarth and the mysterious Alyn Shir. The Fae King in Ysa can tell me more, but not while the Tuatha are hunting me.

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