01 - The Commendation - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning wiki

To join The Warsworn, go into the Gorhart Inn in Gorhart (the first city you come to in the game) and talk to Ost Ordura.

I can join the Warsworn at Shieldring Keep, but if I want Ost Ordura's recommendation -- and a payment of gold -- I must defeat two Red Legion captains -- Osgar and Medgar Krast -- and return with their daggers as proof. Osgar hides in the woods north of Gorhart and Medgar on the road east of town.

  • Defeat the Krast Brothers
  • Osgar's Dagger
  • Medgar's Dagger

Thanks to Ost Ordura's commendation in Gorhart, I signed on with the Warsworn as Hireling in Shieldring Keep.

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