Hard Difficulty Walkthrough (Pure Sorcery) - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

This walkthrough will cover the entire game on the hard difficulty. All Main Quests and Faction quests, but I will be skipping most, if not all, Side Quests and Tasks.

Leveling Up


Do whatever you want...I prefer to get 3 points into Detect Hidden, then split points between Sagecraft and Blacksmithing.


For this guide, I'll be using Chakrams and Fire/Lightning/Ice spells. I found the sorcery abilities the most fun to use because I do not have patience to sneak up on my enemies (Finesse), and the Might combat felt too simple.

As soon as you get the chance, reset all your skill points at a Fateweaver because the game starts you off with 1 point in each skill tree, so if you're going strictly Sorcery (or Finesse or Might), you will get 2 extra points to spend.

Here's my plan for spending Ability Points:

  • Max Storm Bolt
  • 1 Point in Arcane Weaponry
  • Max Chakram Mastery
  • 1 Point in Arcade Weaponry II
  • Max Mark of Flame
  • Max Sphere of Protection
  • Max Conservative Casting
  • 1 Point Healing Surge
  • Max Ice Barrage
  • Max Chain Lightning
  • 1 Point Sphere of Reprisal
  • 1 Point Arcane Weaponry III
  • Max Smolder
  • Max Frostshackle
  • Max Tempest
  • 1 Point Arcane Weaponry IV
  • Max Meteor
  • Max Winter's Embrace
  • Max all the Arcane Weaponry Skills

Out of the Darkness & Character Creation

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