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Hell yes! What a good way to spend my Saturday afternoon! :)

Part 11: Gamefly does not wait a couple of days to see if the highest ranked games in your Game Q will become available. As soon as one of the games says, "Available Now," they mail that title out immediately. That's been my experience with Gamefly at least.

Part 14: Battle: L.A. is essentially a glorified Marine recruitment video. It was still good though if not just to occupy yourself for a couple of hours. I believe I got my $10 worth.

Part 17: Sneaky Helghast was sleeping inside his suit. XD

Part 18: I can't believe John had at least two chances to end the game but failed lol.

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First off I just want to say that this "drink along" is likley one of the best ideas you have ever had and obviously the entertainment is directly affected by how drunk you are. So.... keep drinking. And also a tip for Dan, if Burn Notice or Human Target are on netflix I would recomend that over prison break.

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This makes me happy. :)

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This is a great idea. I'm looking forward to more of these soon. You should do one for Duke Nukem Forever or some older games in this generation of consoles or PS2 games.

I would also like to add that I hate KZ3, the game feels very rushed and buggy.

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Can you guys do a drunk along with Crysis 2? It's an FPS and looks fun as hell, and would be kinda interesting hearing your thoughts and stuff on that game.

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I love the idea of the Drink Along, it's fun to listen to you guys rant about random stuff.

Just one thing. I don't know if anyone addressed that before, but when any page on the site loads, it automatically scrolls all the way to the bottom. You might want to look at that.

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"Did you notice the pills were chewable?"  "What?! Little kids get cancer too!"

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 it automatically scrolls all the way to the bottom.

Yea that's a weird issue with Firefox. I will attempt to fix it soon.

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That was awesome :) Although the Lady Gaga Argument was better I still liked your discussion about the significance of life ;) John is a fucking downer ;)

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"Drunkthroughs" I love that.

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did you two really just say bi-winning as in the both of you are winning? wow internet memes ftw. 

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does John know his "oohs" when he sees something new and awesome sound just like Homer Simpson's "oohs" just an observation from a Simpsons fan.

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Do you think there should be a general "Drink Along with..." feature on this site, or something to bring others here?  It's just that this site need some other large feature to bring people here that also differntiates your site from others sites.  

Just look at Giant Bomb: sure, the website is used as a news site for video games, but the most celebrated features include their Quick Looks, occasional Endurance Runs (similar to "Let's Play"s), and Thursday Night Throwdowns (streamed feature where members of GB play a multiplayer game with random people online).  

Bear in mind that I'm not trying to tell you to copy features from other websites (much like your Deals tag, which is remeniscint of CAG); I'm telling you to look for a feature that would be more of an extension of the subject pertaining to your website's purpose - providing aid with recently released video games via guides.

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you should do crysis 2 next, the only thing is that it would probably take john forever to beat it on supersoldier difficulty

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30 min mark music is hilarious!!!!!!Laughed my ass off at part 19!!!!!! Love this!!!

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If Drink-Alongs instead of Walkthroughs would result in more videos with hilarious Voiceovers, I totally think they should make those. Although I have to admit that I don't watch those for help, but for entertainment. Most of the games I don't even own ;)

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More Drink Along, they are hilarious and loads of fun guys

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excellent waste of my time

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these are awesome! can't wait for more!

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Won't work for me -.-"

Anti-Shark Spray's picture

Won't work for me -.-"

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@anti are you using adblock? If you, you can add a wikigameguides exception to AdBlock.

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A suit is an article of clothing-- this of course contradicts the concept of stripping-- hence the pun.


Yeah, it was best you didn't get, I will try not to do that from now on.

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Gives me a warm feeling inside watching this, wait thats the alcohol

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Best idea ever!

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just gotta love this shit!!!

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Genius!!!  Now you can write off beer as a business expense.

Newcastle Brown ftw!

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It's actually Jan-Bart Van-Beek not James Vanderbeek. Awesome drink along hope you guys keep this up!

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Just saying, loose change was complete and utter bullshit.

The two guys who made the original actually were doing it for a college film class and it was more of a "What if?" kinda deal.

Then this insane guy (can't recall his name) who funded the final cut is literally an insane conspiracy theorist.  He has a jumpsuit and tinfoil hat in his car at all times.  It is believeed they kinda convinced themselves that their own fantasy project was real (they did make a forutune)

The research they used is bullshit (like the "where is the plane?" when all they did was find the few picture where no shrapnel from the plane was and "where are the bodies?"  when multiple pictures of the bodies were all over).  It was pretty sick to see all the stuff they made up.  They even made the claim that some guy sent his son off to die on a plane with full knowledge of the plan of attack.

Not trying to say you have the wrong opinion, but the more people that know its complete shit the better.

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I created this account just to point out that at part 15, Jon is such an asshole!  I would've just stood up and left the room at that point.

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But to be fair, from all that I've heard of the two of you, Dan does like to argue.  A lot.

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gamefly doesn't wait. if you want a certain game you need to have it and only it in your queue. dan wins, the end.

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These videos make me thirsty.

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Wow I totally agree with John's view on existence in Part 14. I think most people don't realise that life is insignificant and completely pointless and to hear someone finally agree with my views is a real treat. John your the best. 

You too Dan.

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this made my spring break a little less boring ^_^

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That was fun! Thanks Dan and John!

Greetz from Holland

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It was effing awesome!

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John is a cynical asshole.

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