Drink Along w/Dan and John - Killzone 3

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

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this is EPIC

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"Olives are puppets" XD new wikigameguide slogan

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In part 4, you were talking about how if someone hates you and says it in a guide and you don't notice. One guide that was hating on you was Ares' Mass Effect 1 guide. It was pretty funny at the time.

Semblance's picture

Lady Gaga is pretty awesome, or is she? 

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The whole Lady Gaga argument was probaly the girliest thing you guys have ever discussed, and it was hilarious. When it comes to argueing over if her music is good or not, nobody wins.

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Great videos to watch for St. Patricks day!

John sounds like one of my douche friends in the music conversation even though I agree with him, Lady Gaga is bad music and pop is just noise. Which is funny because I listen to the old Pink Floyd stuff, and without context is mostly noise.

But whatever, next time make a Podcast damnit!

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Here you go. Prepare to spend the next lifetime opening and reading through thousands of tabs

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On the Podcast song topic, you should make little audio clips to seperate sections like they do on You Look Nice Today. 

Nice first Let's Play too.

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That was funny as hell!

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If you don't patent "Dring Along" as a phrase, I'll be pretty sad.

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PLEASE! keep this up for games that you dont want to make a guide for still want to really play. Naby you can do this again for Duke Nukem

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If Lady gaga was playing while I was getting a lap dance, all I would picture in my mind is her strutting around in a dress made of fish or what ever the fuck she wears these days. That's not something I-- or my penis-- would want in such a situation.


Come to think of it, some Kenny G would suit strippers pretty well (no pun intended).

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Excellent. I really like these for non-guided games. Do more. also, how about you guys start a podcast?

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They have a podcast, 2 chimps on a davenport

pfro's picture

i know, it's just they never do it

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Fuck! You're right about the "antialising" without glasses :D

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Having weird problems with the ninth video.  Around the 25-minute mark, it just crashes.

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Are they going to finish the whole game or is that it?

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these are hilarious, you really are like an old couple

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i laughed my ass off for part 6... as an electronica fan, I agree with John that pop musics suck. However, if she actually did write or cowrite her songs, I agree with Dan that she is pretty talented. She is retarded with her meat dress and her naked porn MVs, but her musics are OK.

And guys, please make a comment section for each video. it looks awkward if i post a comment exclusively about part 6 on a comment section for all 9 parts.

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i love these. i sincerely hope you guys continue this!

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Is there going to be only 9 parts or you guys just dont have enough time to do the rest?

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Awesome videos work now

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great job! keep it up Jan and Dohn!

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The Lady GaGa debate continues! BTW Dan she does blow chunks of talentless vomit all over the planet!!!!!

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Music isnt good or bad its subjective to the listener.

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hmm, What would be in a NextGen taco?

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"You listen to Nickleback way more than me."

"What? Fuck you, you take that back!"

indi's picture

These messy 'guides' a really great for games that I won't play myself.

Some thoughts:

- I wish you would sum up the story every cutscene or so, especially since you skip them.

- Watching you give your best on a hard difficulty and fail is great comedy :)

- This style of guide should be for the first attempt at a game.

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haha. what would sony say if they knew you guys were calling something from their most prized exclusive a "scarab"

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All that beer is making you guys even more homophobic and anti mentally challenged people than when sober ?!!

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never eating poptarts again but still a great drink along

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