Hardcore Walkthrough - Just Cause 2

Part 01

Welcome To Panau - Getting The Memory Cards
Welcome To Panau - Destroy The SAM Sites
Casino Bust - Saving Karl
Casino Bust - Protect Karl

Part 02

Power Surge Stronghold Takeover
Rocket Science Stronghold Takeover
Free Trade Stronghold Takeover
Paparazzi Pursuit

Part 03

Taming The Beast
Political Debate
Ups And Downs
Airport Troubles

Part 04

Nothing To Declare
A Second Amendment
Driving Miss Stacy
Can I Get a Witness?
The Red Or Blue One?

Part 05

Pirate Broadcast
Oil For Blood
Mountain Rescue
Keeping The Flow
Head Of State

Part 06

Breaking And Entering
Mile High Club
Smugglers Do Run

Part 07

Mercenaries Must Die
Fry me to the Moon