Level 11: Lava Tube - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


This video covers the entirety of the Lava Tube, the last Zoomer level in the game.

The Lava Tube is my favorite Zoomer level (besides the Precursor Basin, which only loses for more annoyances than this level), but it's very odd. The beginning always seems unusually difficult as the heat will almost certainly cook your Zoomer fast enough to make it tough (or maybe even impossible) to collect all Orbs and early Scout Flies in one go. At least it's theoretically possible to do a perfect run of Fire Canyon and Mountain Pass, but I'm not so sure about the Lava Tube. Then, everything past the immediately threatening lava is a cakewalk (i.e. starting from the green metal paths). It doesn't make any sense! Especially not for what's supposed to be the penultimate level of the game!

In case it isn't clear, besides the Scout Fly box early on, there are no collectibles on the green metal paths. So, don't fret about "going down the wrong path" like I mistakenly did. Just zoom on through!

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