Level 09: Spider Cave - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


After a few quick Orb-to-Cell trades in the Volcanic Crater, I head to the Spider Cave to take down all the lurkers chewing on the cave's supports.

Willard is probably my favorite minor character in this game. Hard to articulate precisely why, but I like his bird and his innocent stupidity.

1:26 - 2:09 - No, you're not experiencing deja vu or a glitch or anything, the cutscenes just really are that repetitive for the first three Cells. I guess they didn't expect you to be able to afford them all at once!

By the way, buying all those Power Cells means that you, if you were following along, technically don't need to play even a single level in this hub area. You only need 72 minimum to get through the Lava Tube, and buying those cells put me at 73.

6:02 - 6:10 - You can see the Scout Fly box I initially missed on the righthand side a few times. You get another, clearer glimpse of the same area from 6:28 - 6:30.

Ah, the Spider Cave. How I hate this place. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a badly designed level or anything like that, but the numerous instant death pools and pits definitely dampen my mood whenever I visit this place. The hanging spiders are aggravating too considering how difficult they can be to hit when you're not charged with Yellow Eco. However, as you'll soon see, mastering the rolling jump move by now will alleviate some of the difficulties inherent in navigating this level.

Make sure to check out the area around the respective column once you shoot down each gnawing lurker as many of them drop a few Precursor Orbs.

Don't waste your time trying to shoot down gnawing lurkers that are very far away. You likely won't be able to lead your shots well enough to hit them before they scurry out of the blast radius of your shots. The video shows that it can be done, but there really isn't much reason to make it harder on yourself when there is likely a closer Yellow Eco vent.


This video covers all of the explosive crystals and the beginning of the Precursor robot area in Spider Cave.

We're not getting away with a two-parter this time! Since the Volcanic Crater hub area only consists of two full levels, they've each been stretched in such a way that they're approximately 50% longer, meaning you still sort of get three full levels worth of content per hub. That means we still get to spend some time cuddling up with all the beasties and death in Spider Cave.

The Dark Eco crystals are another reference to Crash Bandicoot as their countdown sounds are similar to the TNT sounds in some Crash games.

All the deaths in this video are for speed purposes. Yeah, totally, that's why there's so many... (In actuality, as mentioned before, dying in certain areas does indeed speed things up a bit, and there's no penalty since there's no lives system.)

The game hints that you're not supposed to go into the spider egg cave until you uncap the vent at the entrance, but, as I show you, it's still entirely possible to get the Cell inside without the vent. Sadly, if you do Spider Cave before Snowy Mountain, you still must return to collect the locked away Orbs.

9:17 - I didn't catch it until viewing this video, but I just realized you can access a certain area way earlier than I actually do in the next video. There's some Blue Eco on the lowest part of the Precursor robot area, and you can drop down to a launcher that's a bit hidden away in order to shoot up to some swing bars high up above.

9:42 - Knowing how to do the rolling jump move here is extremely handy for counteracting the annoying checkpoint placement since the platform you roll to has an elevator that can take you closer to where you actually want to go.

9:48 - Sweet roll, don't you think?


I wrap up what's currently accessible in the Spider Cave, fiddle around in Volcanic Crater, and then end the video right as I enter Snowy Mountain.

1:51 - There's that launcher I was referring to earlier.

If you're anxious about the locked crate in Volcanic Crater, I take care of it in a later video.

I skipped showing what Keira says, because it's exactly the same as when I first talked to her in this hub area and it doesn't change. Also, unlike the other hub areas, she doesn't disappear to the exit when you have the minimum requirement of Power Cells.


Revisit: After unclogging the Yellow Eco vents in the Snowy Mountain, return to the spider-infested nest near the area with the partially buried Precursor Robot and all the scaffolding. You can get the Power Cell at the end of the nest area without first unclogging the vent, but you won't be able to get all the Precursor Orbs in the Spider Cave level until you use an unclogged vent to open the locked boxes within the nest.

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