Level 08: Mountain Pass - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


It's high time to get out of Rock Village and head to the Volcanic Crater, defeating Klaww and riding through the Mountain Pass along the way. (If you're looking for a perfectly smooth playthough of the Mountain Pass, this isn't it. This video is definitely rougher around the edges than some other things I've done.)

The sped through part at the beginning was just me checking to see if there were any more cutscenes in Rock Village. As far as I know, they're all done by now.

That first rolling boulder was close, eh? I forgot about the timing and only quickly relearned it then.

I know I missed some Orbs in the Mountain Pass, but I just didn't bother perfecting this initial visit since the lurkers and explosives can be annoying when you're on the timer the first time through. I made sure to get the remainder when I came back in a future video for the hidden (and currently locked away) Power Cell. (Oh, and my apologies on the battery notification. I didn't have an extra save prepared in advance, so it wouldn't have been as easy as just rerecording this segment.)

If you're hunting for Scout Flies, you can make your task easier by making sure to get the one by the entrance to the Volcanic Crater. I searched for it for a few seconds here, but I was deceived into thinking I actually heard the Scout Fly box farther away, and I ended up missing the one that was actually being noisy until a later video. To get the one I overlooked in this video, just drop down to the right as soon as you hear the Scout Fly just past the entrance. It's in a tiny alcove that's not easily visible from this vantage point.

11:15 - If you're seeing corruption around this point, I have no clue what's causing this and other brief visual glitches in some of my recent videos. (Weird thing is, if you rewind to right around that mark, say 11:16, it seems to show up correctly until you once again rewind to a time before it. Very odd...)


Revisit: After unclogging the Yellow Eco vents in the Snowy Mountain, return to the area just before the cave entrance in Mountain Pass. A Yellow Eco vent and a destructible boulder should be nearby. Blast the boulder, then jump the gap to get a hidden Power Cell. This Power Cell is often referred to as the 101st Power Cell because many forget to backtrack this far after finishing Snowy Mountain. Additionally, this is the only time in the entire game where you are absolutely required to backtrack. All other times can be avoided with smart choice of which levels to tackle first in each hub.


Bonus: Mountain Pass Rerun + Volcanic Crater Bits

This video showcases some final bits in the Mountain Pass and Volcanic Crater. In order of appearance:

1. In my opinion, my Mountain Pass videos were probably the sloppiest of all my recorded Zoomer sequences, so I tried to recreate the race against the flying lurkers (while also collecting most of the collectibles) closer to how it was intended to be played. (Also, 1:44 - 1:46 was a frighteningly close call, especially since I had very little recourse to rerecord this since ALL of the bonus parts were recorded without saving to file. If you're observant, you can tell that the shock of that scare threw me off balance for a couple of seconds.)

2. The quick way to get the first Scout Fly in the Volcanic Crater as well as an audio log I originally missed in the main guide by having enough Power Cells to automatically unlock the Snowy Mountain gondola before knowing it was even broken in the first place.

3. A brief audio log regarding the Zoomer heat shield that I tossed in for the heck of it.

4. An alternative means for moving around the mine cart tracks. There's a much, much higher risk of death and unreliability by platforming off the wooden and metal parts of the tracks, but you can move around much faster if you can pull it off.

5. And finally, the Green Eco collector task reminder from Samos in the Sandover Village. I figure his comments are a nice way to wrap up the bonus footage for this game. See you later, and I hope you enjoyed the show!

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