Level 07: Boggy Swamp - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


The last Orb-To-Cell trades are done in Rock Village, and then it's off to the Boggy Swamp, the last "normal" level I cover in this hub area. By the end of this part, I knock out two of the tethers and collect everything along the way.

I pretty much always leave the Swamp for last in this hub area, but there really isn't that much reason to as, in my opinion, the Lost Precursor City is far more difficult (excluding one anomaly in the Swamp).

1:52 - Nice coincidence, eh?

If you pay close attention, you can notice Keira by the levitation machine at this point (since I've collected more than enough Cells to proceed for some time). If I recall correctly, her forced relocation to there means we missed out on a little cutscene regarding the Flut Flut we'll see later in Boggy Swamp. Ah well, I suppose that's the punishment for proceeding faster than the game predicts.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the homing on Yellow Eco bursts is a little better in this version of the game. It definitely seemed to be less generous in the PS2 version from memory...


You're getting a video that's a bit longer than usual in order to cram in the remainder of the collectibles in Boggy Swamp (including the last two tethers, the shooting minigame, and all of the Flut Flut section).

1:17 - 1:55 = Kickin' ass with one hit point left.

If you've played Crash Bandcoot 3: Warped, then the Flut Flut's controls should remind you of something. (Don't know what it is? The Flut Flut handles much like the baby tyrannosaurus rex from the dinosaur/prehistoric levels. In fact, minus additions like Yellow Eco blasts, gliding, etc, the controls might be literally copied-and-pasted from Crash 3.)

It's a shame the Flut Flut sequence here is so short, as I consider it far better than some of the longer and more annoying Zoomer sequences. Also, I'm of the opinion that this kind of gameplay is even better than the similar sequences found in Crash 3 because the Flut Flut: is so much more capable and versatile than the baby dino, can maneuver across terrain very fast (especially because of its gliding capability), and is resistant to the muck that'd instantly damage the protagonist otherwise.

Besides being surprisingly difficult in comparison to the rest of this level (it's probably the single hardest sequence in all of the Rock Village hub area, and one of the hardest in the entire game period), I particularly dislike the swamp rat shooting minigame because its instructions are incorrect. (Shame they didn't fix that for the rerelease.) The hillbilly tells you that only need to protect at least one of the snacks, but in reality you instantly lose as soon as even one is eaten. So, really, you have to protect ALL of the snacks, not just one, which greatly increases the challenge. It also doesn't help that the Yellow Eco's homing capabilities are reduced here and that the minigame is just really repetitive, especially if you have to retry after losing.

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