Level 06: Lost Precursor City - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


After some Orb-to-Cell trades in Rock Village, I begin the Lost Precursor City.

The City, in case you're not aware, is one of the longest and most difficult portions of the game, at least as far as the Rock Village hub is concerned. I don't generally die all that often in this first game in the Jak & Daxter series, but this area's difficulty (plus the years of rust that have accumulated since my previous playthrough) have resulted in videos that are less smooth than previous entries of this walkthrough. Everything still gets collected and completed in the end, but just pardon any mishaps and less-efficient routes that occur. You don't need to bring them to my attention as I became well aware of such things as soon as I realized my various instances of unnecessary backtracking.


I wrap up the remaining collectibles in the Lost Precursor City and then return to the surface world.

If you've been paying close attention, then no, you didn't miss anything. I just started this video slightly after where I left off in the last video as nothing in between was really useful footage.

For both of the Scout Flies in the big room with the spinning hover discs, you'll need to properly position the discs to actually be able to reach the platforms where the Flies are delivered. As shown in the video, this can be accomplished by having at least one disc roughly halfway between the button platform and the platform where the Scout Fly is sent to.

The death at 3:58 wasn't purposeful, but it was handy for shaving off a few seconds on my nonetheless inefficient route through this level. Checkpoints are rather odd in this game, as sometimes purposefully dying to respawn somewhere is very useful, but other times quite aggravating. It's down to memorizing which locations are which if you want to exploit it, I suppose.

4:07 - Like that rolling jump off of the water's surface? It was a pretty cool chance event to capture it in this recording since I've never been able to do it with much consistency. It was also quite handy for it to be successful there as normally that watery area can be tricky to navigate without getting injured.

When I solve the blue light puzzle, the flying lurker has already been killed outside of the shown footage. If that lurker is an annoyance, kill it and land in the water to reset the puzzle. Then, you'll be free to knock out a solution without the menace of an annoying enemy.

Did I really have a transition because I died at the end of the Dark Eco challenge? Yes, yes I did. Blame the horrible camera angle (which doesn't allow you to see your shadow) for that jump. I think I just about always die at least once per playthrough there due to misjudging the distance.

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