Level 05: Precursor Basin - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


After some not-so-brief mucking around in Rock Village, this video begins the collectibles in Precursor Basin. Specifically, it includes herding all the Lightning Moles and catching one of the flying lurkers.

Don't worry if you have trouble with the Blue Eco lock in Rock Village. In my opinion, it's one of the strictest time challenges in the entire game, and I just don't see it being completed if you aren't really good with the rolling jump technique.

It's interesting to note that it isn't really necessary to pay the hero to move the pontoons. As I'll show you later in some bonus footage, it's entirely possible to get to both the Boggy Swamp and the levitating device without the pontoons. You'll still want to pay him eventually anyway as doing so also rewards you with a Power Cell.


This video wraps up the remaining collectibles in Precursor Basin (most everything except the Lightning Moles) before returning to Rock Village.

Don't worry if you don't get all the infested plants in one go. While they do respawn, the rate is generally slow enough for you to progressively clear them out with a couple of Green Eco recharges.

As a historical side note, the race at Dead Man's Gorge is infamous for glitching up on people. (I presume that bug has been fixed in the PS3 version, or at least I sure hope so.) One of most frustrating things about the glitch was its inconsistency. It's been suggested that the bug is caused by talking to the Gambler after having failed the race once, but I and others claim that the glitch is inconsistent and doesn't even necessarily appear every time or even permanently. I, for example, played through the PS2 version of the game four or more times without ever experiencing the glitch. Then, during the most recent playthough just previous to this walkthrough, I experienced it for the first time and ended my run there as it seemed I had the "permanent" version of the glitch.

Believe it or not, despite the Blue Ring course being more complex than the Purple Ring course (the jump at 8:32 being a perfect example), this time I beat the Blue Ring course on my first try and the Purple Ring one only on my second.

And the end of this video pretty much signals the end of the fun bits with the Zoomer. While there are more Zoomer sequences in the game, most of them from here on out are more frustrating than anything else. Precursor Basin was nice for its skillful races and wide-open spaces.

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