Level 02: Forbidden Jungle - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


This video wraps up most of currently accessible collectibles in Sandover Village and then bleeds into the beginning of the Forbidden Jungle.

If you haven't noticed by now, I just wanted to apologize for how many times I'm going to get tripped up exiting Keira's garage/hideout thing. I don't know if it's the camera angle or what, but I was never good at navigating that area on the PS2 version, and I'm still not good at it in the PS3 version. Ah, it's like nothing has changed...

2:04 - Snnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaapppppppppp! Oh, come on, you know that was blatant. This may be a game mostly suitable for kids, but like the Ratchet & Clank series from their friendly rivals (or even something like Rare's Banjo-Kazooie), Naughty Dog has kept up the tradition of sneaking in "questionable content" amidst a presentation of relative innocence. If you don't believe my assertions that it's out of the ordinary, just pay attention to the fact that that bit of animation includes a subtle application of jiggle physics.

I always found it odd that Jak & Daxter need permission before they can head to Misty Island. I know they're supposed to be good heroes and all, but considering that they've been established as disobedient in the first few seconds of the game, it's odd that they're willing to be honorable in that circumstance. In actuality, it's probably just an offhand solution to the problem of corralling players in the lower difficulty direction for now. Less thought-through than some other things in this game in my opinion, but whatever.

Daxter mentions Lurker Sharks at one point and, though we probably won't be dealing with them for a little while, it's still something worth commenting on. Like some other games, this game tries to take a more "natural barrier" approach to gameplay areas that are off-limits. A main way it accomplishes that is by infesting any deep body of water with instant-kill fish. Well, perhaps "instant kill" is a tad incorrect. Interestingly, and unlike various other examples, the fish are on a somewhat generous timer whenever you enter dangerous waters, so it's actually possible for enterprising players to bypass certain restrictions or make their own shortcuts by exploiting the length of the timer. I might show an example of this later on, perhaps in some bonus footage.

Is it just me, or does the farmer's quest complete monologue sound like it was recorded while the voice actor was late for a flight?

7:35 - Yup, because it makes perfect sense to slow down the progress of the "true hero" that you've been waiting for since "before time" by requesting Precursor Orbs from him. That bit always annoyed me, and it still does.


This video covers the Eco Beam and Fishing quests in the Forbidden Jungle.

Like with the Lurker Sharks, the River Piranha are not as fast as you might think. As such, it is somewhat safe to quickly step through the infested river so long as you're not close to one of the fish.

As you can see, this is the video where I try to learn how to get reacquainted with the first-person viewing option. It's handy at times, but it can be a tad sensitive.

5:12 is an example of one of the areas where you can't get all the Orbs until you activate a Blue Eco Jump Pad. I won't be activating it until the next part, but then you'll see how I got confused way back on Geyser Rock. (Additionally, if you're wondering what's up with those weird spiked tentacles, you'll also find out about them in the next part.)

My fishing wasn't perfect, but considering how much trouble I usually have with this minigame, I think I did pretty good for my first attempt in years. If you're having trouble, remember that you're only permitted to lose 20 pounds of fish, not 20 individual fish. As such, catching every gold fish should be your top priority (alongside avoiding poison eels, of course) since you can miss far more green fish than you can gold fish.


This video wraps up the remaining collectibles in Forbidden Jungle and showcases the game's first boss.

To my chagrin, I found out that my current video editing software doesn't use any sound when fast-forwarding (or, at least, not at such a high speed). It's a shame, because I quite liked older versions of the software that gave a sweet VHS-esque fast-forwarding sound. If something is a mistake or just wasting time (like excess footage of hunting down hidden Orbs somewhere), I'll probably just completely edit it out, but I think I'll keep general travel footage in this kind of style for this guide and future open-world game guides. I don't know about you, but I actually find it somewhat fascinating to watch. Half the fun of open-world games is fast and efficient navigation, and when the end result is sped up, it's almost like one of those intriguing time-lapse films. For shorter instances like the ones shown in this video, I may decide to keep them without sound. For longer ones (almost certain to show up in at least Jak II and 3), I'll probably work in some relevant ambient music or something.

As of 5:13, you can officially head straight to Fire Canyon if you've been following along. Since this is a full walkthrough, I'll be getting everything, but you now know it's entirely possible to skip the entirety of Misty Island if you really want to for whatever reason.

At 7:36, you see the origin of all those strange spiked tentacles. It's notable that this event is entirely optional, but it's quite easy and you're here anyway, so why skip it? (Also, if you pay attention, you may notice that the event uses sound effects either very similar to, or ripped straight from, some of the Crash Bandicoot series' sound effects.)


Bonus: Forbidden Jungle Bits

Just a few extra things about the Forbidden Jungle.

1. Entering the beam before destroying the mirror and redirecting the lenses on the towers allows you to more easily get a Blue Eco charge to unlock the nearby door.

2. The piranha/fish in the waterways of this level can be killed by normal means (e.g. punching, spinning, rolling into them) and make a sound like a sheep when killed.

3. It's possible to get all the Precursor Orbs near the isolated Power Cell on a small island without needing to dive.

4. Two additional, but very minor cutscenes from the Fisherman.

In addition to that, I offer two potentially useful pieces of information:

A. Uppercutting (Square + X) hanging snakes is sometimes easier than jumping and spinning them.

B. The fishing minigame is not static. The fish you catch are somewhat randomized, and it especially seems like previously losing makes the next round slightly easier (or at least it does so in the PS3 version by giving more golden fish).

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