Level 01: Sentinel Beach - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


This video covers some quest cutscenes in Sandover Village as well as some of the collectibles in Sentinel Beach.

So, anyway, this guide is going to be a bit of an experiment. Though I have yet to really cover any open-world games, I've wanted to as a number of my favorite games have open-world elements or are full-blown open-world games. I think Jak & Daxter, even though I guess it can be described as just a linear game with open-world hubs, might be a good starting point for me to understand what I do and do not want to display with games like this. As such, if I think it goes well, it may increase the possibility of more open-world game guides in the future.

Interesting tidbit: When talking to Keira, note that her... "gauntlets" (or whatever they are) are very similar to Dr. Neo Cortex's gloves. Another nice little (intentional or not) stylistic reference to Crash Bandicoot.

I'm surprised I forgot how cheesy the voice overs can be in this game. I guess it didn't seem so bad when I was young, but now that I'm older, it seems a bit over-blown and melodramatic at times. I suppose it's better than the lifeless and bland voice overs we sometimes see in more modern games though.

Knowledgeable viewers might notice that I accidentally forgot to talk to the bird lady before heading to Sentinel Beach. My mistake, but as you'll see, it's not actually necessary to talk to her in order to finish her quest.

Observant viewers might notice that I collected the pelican Power Cell like literally one second before the timer ran out and the pelican came to swoop it up again.


This video wraps up the currently accessible collectibles in Sentinel Beach and then briefly covers two Orb-to-Cell trades (The Mayor and Jak's Uncle) in Sandover Village.

If you wanted to, I suppose there's nothing stopping you from heading straight to the Forbidden Jungle so that Sentinel Beach will be completely unlocked by the time you visit it afterwards. Personally, I prefer going to Sentinel Beach first as I consider it a more logical progression of difficulty than the other option.

The pole pounding is a good example of (for the most part), being left to your own devices. I can't remember if the game eventually tells you how exactly you should proceed (as in, the literal button combination), but even if it does, it gives you a little time to figure out crouching uppercuts on your own.

I don't think I ever remember that scaring the seagulls is necessary, it's just that I always end up inadvertently doing it anyways when exploring each of the nearby ruins with stairs.

One of the most impressive things about this first game was its lack of loading screens. It's a fairly early open-world game (released only a few months after Grand Theft Auto III, that historical landmark of open-world games), and was fairly detailed for its time, so I really must applaud Naughty Dog's clever efforts in preloading other environments using a variety of subtle but unintrusive tricks. Also, even today, over a decade after its release, I still think this game is quite beautiful and has a number of grand vistas that are great to just stand at and admire. The preloading only bolsters this, as the absence of interruptions greatly heightens the game's immersive potential. Though subsequent games in the series were even more technically proficient and expansive, only the first gives me such almost unequivocal positive sentiments and memories. In truth, I still like sequel Jak II (Jak 3 less so), but it's... different. Those are stories for another time though, so let's focus on the first Jak & Daxter for now.

5:13 - Say hello to the first real mistake of this guide! I could've edited it out (as I might do so for other things in the future), but I decided not to since I had to head back anyways to get a better charge of Blue Eco. In my opinion, it's kind of tough to get all collectibles and unlock the Blue Eco lock in one go there, but there's no penalty (other than taking a bit longer to do so) for taking two trips.

7:14 - It's surprisingly common to see this Scout Fly loose from its box due to the nearby cannon fire. Saves you a couple seconds, I suppose...


Revisit: After unclogging the Blue Eco vents in the Forbidden Jungle, return to the Blue Eco launcher near the pelican's nest. Now you can use it to get to the lurker cannon to break open some locked boxes and for another Power Cell. This revisit is not mandatory if you unclog the vents in the Jungle before completing the Beach, but since I didn't, I cover the revisit in a later part.


Bonus: Sentinel Beach Bits

Two small additional bits on Sentinel Beach here.

I can't claim credit for discovering it first since I never even thought of the possibility until I read of its existence, but there's a trick with the pelican at the beach. If you unclog the Blue Eco vents by visiting the temple in the Forbidden Jungle before completing Sentinel Beach, you can actually use the lurker cannon to kill the pelican and nab the Power Cell it took in a completely different way. That's one way to avoid that timed challenge!

The second bit involves a bit of extra dialogue from the Bird Lady if you talked to her before knocking down the Flut Flut egg. Simple, but I thought I'd include it if you really wanted as much unique content as possible.

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