Level 00: Geyser Rock - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


Hello and welcome to my guide(s) for the Jak & Daxter HD Collection for the PlayStation 3! I'm (hopefully) going to be covering all three of the main games in this series in due time, and I'm starting with the first game - Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

I can not guarantee that I'll get every last bit of content out this game (since there is quite a bit, and a fair number of things, like some cutscenes and audio transmissions, are completely optional), but I'll try my best. At the least, I'll cover every last Precursor Orb, Power Cell, and Scout Fly as well as as many cutscenes as I can muster.

This part only consists of some introductory cutscenes, so feel free to skip them if you're familiar with the game, or stay and watch if you're new or just want to see how the graphics have been updated. I'll provide more extensive textual commentary when we start getting into the meat of the game.

1:10 - Ah, I can feel the nostalgia flooding back already.

1:53 - Beginning of the first introductory cutscene. It's notable that, for whatever reasons, this game has one of my favorite introductions ever. At first, it hints at epic-ness and mystery, but I feel it does so in a way that's not so cliché. It's almost philosophical and pleasantly sombre, and then it quickly gives way to some humor and curmudgeoning that allows players to connect to some "humanity" and flaws instead of the kind self-satisfied idealizations that some other games push. Sorry if I'm sounding sappy, but I feel it's at once fairly high-minded and contemplative yet still "realistic". It's a difficult sentiment to articulate, especially since I can not say I feel the same about so many other games...

The tutorial at Geyser Rock starts in the next part!


This video covers all collectibles in Geyser Rock.

So, it's time for a bit of introductory gameplay. Though I'll do my best to be as fast and efficient as I can, I'm not going to say that I'm speedrunning the game or anything like that. I'm simply aiming for completionism and having a bit of fun as ideals. As such, please pardon any "mistakes" I don't edit out. I'm probably most familiar and experienced with this first game out of all in the entire series, but I haven't replayed it in years, so I may be rusty until I regain my bearings. (This is readily evident by my fiddling with the camera controls at times as well as some initial difficulty with controlling Blue Eco-boosted Jak. It will take a little while to refamiliarize myself with how everything works here.)

If you're well-versed in game mechanics, the audio accompanying the tutorials here might seem a bit patronizing, but one must realize that this game was, more or less, kept "friendly" enough for kids to handle, and it definitely wasn't aimed so strongly at older players in the same way that its sequels were. And hey, I was a kid at the time this first came out, and it seemed more or less fine to me then. Sure, it's really blatant about a few things, but (just like the well-done tutorials in the earlier Crash Bandicoot series also by Naughty Dog), it mostly leaves you to your own devices to figure out how to navigate and fight.

You don't need the full charge of Blue Eco to go down to the beach around the 4:13 mark, I just was running back there with the speed boost of the Eco since I sometimes forget which areas compromise the main path and which are just optional offshoots.

I initially didn't get all three Orbs at 5:33 because I thought that was one of the locations where I needed a boost of Blue Eco to get every last Orb. Turns out I was wrong (though I did eventually go back and collect that last Orb), but you'll see what I'm talking about later.

Even though you haven't really learned about it yet at this point in the game, you can still perform the rolling jump move. I'll likely be using it extensively throughout the guide to get through certain segments faster.

8:08 - Nice little reference to Crash Bandicoot. In case you didn't know, that's a Piranha Plant. In the Crash games, they're kind of like the similarly named enemies in the Mario series, but really they're a bit more like Chain Chomps.

Next time, I'll cover the beginning of Sandover Village as well as a fair portion of Sentinel Beach.

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