Hub Area 2: Rock Village - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Rock Village is the second hub of the game and, accordingly, is moderately difficult and harmful to navigate. Besides the Lurker Sharks common to the waterways in this area, players also have to worry about the occasional burning boulder and somewhat complex route to enter certain levels.


Bonus: Rock Village Hub Cutscenes & Sequence Breaking

This is the most substantial installment of all the bonus footage I recorded for this game, so I recommend viewing this if nothing else.

I don't know if you were aware, but the Rock Village hub area is the area most susceptible to sequence breaking, alternate routes, etc. (Sadly, very few things change when exploiting this, aside from the obvious contextual oddities of things appearing out of order or when they probably shouldn't.) It's also the area that suffered most in terms of missed cutscenes in my main guide due to progressing in a way that the developers didn't intend or account for. Fortunately, I endeavored to show you that and more here! In order of appearance:

1. Buying the right to use the pontoons from the hero / warrior is not necessary. You'll want to do it eventually in order to get a Power Cell as an additional reward, but if you're short on necessary Power Cells or Precursor Orbs, you can always use this trick to get to the Boggy Swamp early in order to collect more.

2. You can reach the "end" of Boggy Swamp with a careful rolling jump and proceed through the entire level backwards. It was nice to discover that the game did change slightly when doing this (specifically, the cutscene where the tether breaks has a different, more awkward camera angle), but be warned that dying while going "backwards" may cause the checkpoints to act screwy.

3. Not only is it possible to reach Boggy Swamp before paying for the pontoons, but it's still easy to get back to Rock Village without dying.

4. Going to Precursor Basin before activating the teleporter in the Blue Sage's lab causes the Zoomer to fail to show up on the transpad. This is likely purposefully programmed in to make sure players hit the button if they want to get the Cells and Orbs in the Basin.

5. Keira's Lost Precursor City task reminder. (I don't remember whether or not I included it somewhere in my main guide. If so, oh well. If not, here it is!)

6. A one-way shortcut (likely placed on purpose) for getting to the pontoons near the entrance to the Lost Precursor City from the Blue Sage's lab.

7. Having trouble with a Power Cell suspended above a Dark Eco pool in the Lost Precursor City? Here's an easy way to go straight for it. (You see why I like rolling jumps so much in this game?)

8. Keira's cutscenes for the flying lurkers task in the Precursor Basin. I KNOW I missed this in the main guide because I completed the Basin before the Lost City (which was the first place she recommended visiting).

9. Some brief grumblings by a (glitchy?) Samos in his lab in Sandover Village. In case it wasn't obvious yet, for the bonus parts I only freed the Flut Flut way after I normally should have, and I think that caused Samos to reappear in Sandover Village despite actually usually being in the Blue Sage's lab in Rock Village at this point in the story.

10. Keira's cutscenes for the Flut Flut task in the Boggy Swamp. I also know I missed this in the main guide (since I had way more than the minimum number of Power Cells to cause Keira to move to the levitating device), which is a shame since the first, main cutscene for this task of one of my favorite in the entire game. At least you can see it here!

11. In my main guide, I forgot that the Flut Flut is actually impervious to the muck that usually harms Jak. She sinks in slightly and moves slower, but she never fully drowns like I feared. (Blame the Ratchet & Clank series for making me avoid staying long in muck.) Just a small bit that might come in handy!

12. You probably could've guessed this, but you still don't need to pay for the pontoons in order to make it to Klaww and the Mountain Pass. It's a wonder how Keira made it over to the machine, eh?

13. This final bit isn