Hub Area 1: Sandover Village - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Sandover Village is the first hub of the game and, accordingly, is the easiest and most harmless to navigate. Other than Lurker Sharks that appear when you swim in water that's too deep, there's nothing to avoid or fear here.


Bonus: Sandover Village Bird Lady

I made reference to wanting do some bonus material earlier (that is, chronologically earlier as all the bonus parts were recorded after the main game was done), and this is one such example. In these bonus videos, I'll be highlighting some of things I wanted to show but couldn't for whatever reason.

This video deals with the Birdwatcher/Bird Lady in Sandover Village. I'm quite cognizant of the various (but hopefully not too major or distracting) mistakes I made in my guide, but missing the cutscene(s) with the Bird Lady because I went to Sentinel Beach before really taking care of Sandover Village is probably among the stupidest. Maybe you have a different opinion on what exactly was my most stupid mistake, but I still think this one was the most embarrassing for me since I pride myself on being thorough/a completionist but still ended up making such a silly mistake very early on.

What's the deal with the water bit at the beginning? Well, my quick and sloppy additional run through the game for the bonus footage retaught me various things that I had forgotten and that were less evident or less likely to occur when being careful as I generally was in my main guide. One such example of that was relearning that the water near Samos' Hut has a strip of sand to discourage Lurker Sharks from appearing so close to the beginning of the game. On top of that, traversing that area seemed to cause Daxter to be unusually spasmodic. I assume he's supposed to be wiggling his tail like he's helping to swim (or maybe his programming is trying to activate the swimming and crawling animations at the same time), but he ended up just looking twitchy and weird here.

As for the Bird Lady, well, I think the cutscenes speak for themselves. Other than Willard, who I mentioned (chronologically) earlier, the Bird Lady was always one of the most distinctive and memorable characters from this game for me, and I think it's largely due to the disfigured and creepy (but somehow hilarious) hat she wears.

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