Author's Introduction + Guide Format - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

As I mentioned on the main page of the guide, I'm going to find and acquire every collectible in the game, even the more secretive 101st Power Cell that's far less conspicuous than all others. Though I may not collect every last Green Eco piece or break open every container, I will collect every Precursor Orb, Scout Fly, and Power Cell. For the sake of completeness, I'll also show you how to complete the parts of the game without any collectibles (e.g. the boss battles). Following my guide should help you score the The Super Oberator (for collecting all 2000 Precursor Orbs), Totally Buzzed Out! (for collecting all 112 Scout Flies), and Maximum Power! (for collecting all 101 Power Cells) Gold Trophies (among a wealth of other Trophies), ultimately earning you 100% completion for the game.

Depending on which levels you do first at certain points, you can minimize backtracking to only a few instances in the entire game. The order I chose generally did not avoid backtracking (because it instead focused on more logical difficulty progression than faster speed), so be aware of that if you want to finish the game ASAP. Additionally, be warned that doing levels out of a specific order (and collecting too many Power Cells at once) will cause you to miss some cutscenes. I included all the important cutscenes that one is likely to miss when progressing quickly in the bonus footage for this guide, but nonetheless you are warned in case certain audio logs or events become confusing because you followed the "wrong" order.

For most levels, it should be obvious which hub subcategory it falls under. But what about the intermediate levels? Generally, intermediate levels are included under the subcategory that corresponds to their exit point. Specifically, Geyser Rock falls under Sandover Village, Fire Canyon falls under Rock Village, Mountain Pass falls under Volcanic Crater, and Lava Tube falls under the Yellow Sage's "Hut".

Also, though I did not include audio commentary for this guide, I did include textual commentary that can be found below each of the corresponding embedded YouTube video players.

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